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byvideotactics, November 29, 2006
I have been testing this plug in on a demo site for a while and have found it to be a most excellent, simple to use and worthwhile addition! Frequently updated and with great documentation. I rarely use it to stream videos from other sources but instead use it for my own hosted videos. I am not a coder in any way shape or form so please forgive me if i overlook something. These are a few ideas that i have had regarding the AllVideos Plugin that i have had to find solutions for elsewhere:

1.) I have been using the mgmedia bot (also a great extension) for in content pop up videos. For example a "Click Here to Play" hyperlinked pop up video. The mgmedia works great for this, unfortunately it seems it is updated much less frequently. Perhaps an in content, hyperlink Pop up option for this Plugin?

2.) The newest player used in 2.4 has the ability to utilize playlists for media content. However i do not see a way to make this work from within the AllVideos Plugin. Perhaps this is just me. I would definately like to utilize the playlist feature if possible from within this plugin.

3.) The video size remains static. This has been discussed elsewhere, and i understand that as a whole it works well for the goals of this plugin. For my particular situation it would be nice to not have a global setting but perhaps an in string variable setting such as is found in the mgmedia bot?

4.) I have not been able to find a way to have the first frame of the video (before playing) display a logo or picture of my choosing. It always displays the play arrow. This is probably a shortcoming on my side however.

These are just my thoughts again please forgive me if i am saying something that has already been addressed or is a simple coding process that i dont know about. I love this Plugin very much as it is, and have nothing but the best to say about all plugins!