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byviewport, August 28, 2011
ARI Ext Menu
Ok. So I used a JA Purity II Template (Joomla 1.5). So it had some problems. So I emailed ARI Soft. I got an answer within 2 minutes! Fixed my problems.

If this is the way ARI Soft provides product support, I want to buy from them (ARI Ext Menus is free, though).

I can feel that they are hardcore programmers, skilled, dedicated. Maybe the programmers themselves are the business owners.
byviewport, August 28, 2011
Maxi Menu CK
I'm gonna assume everybody else is right about giving this 5 stars, even though I haven't been able to see it in action.

I'm using JA Purity II template that comes with a mootools.js 1.12.

I've tried replacing mootools.js (in /media/system/js) with newer versions (1.2.5, 1.3.2). Still nothing. Incidentally, JA Purity II only works with its own 1.12 mootools.js.

No javascript errors.

I can't really speak French, so I was quite unable to find a forum for this. Help! Thanks!
Owner's reply

thank you for the good rating. For your issue, in JA-purity ii you must modifiy the css of the template for the menu to work. Please contact me if you have an issue, or use my forum :