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byvilizar, February 19, 2013
Firstly - it's a fork of the previous best component for translations, that is not that good for J! 2.5.

It works very well, I have more than 10 languages on my tourism site (with human translations, not automatic). I had several problems with them, but it turned out it is a simple mistake on my part.

Install first the Joomla Translations for all the languages you need, then install FaLang, then go to Extensions -- Language manager. Here under the tabs "Installed - Site" and "Instaled - Administrator" you have all the Joomla system languages you've installed. Activate them so they are green.

Then go to the tab "Content". Here you have to manually add the same language codes as the system ones you've already installed, and publish them, and put the module on the right position. Easy. Check the instructions, it isn't scary! :-)

Be very careful with some of the more weird language codes (sorry, :) no offence meant):
Czech (native Česky) for instance has a code "cs-CZ", instead of "cz-CZ". But for the flag image you have to put cz.

And also always write dashes (-) in the language codes, instead of underscores (_) - so be careful about that!

At the end - click Components - FaLang, tab "Trabslation", then choose from the drop-downs on the right a language to translate into and a section to translkate - menus, modules, content (articles).

Best of luck with the FaLang updates in the future. Turns out - a great component for me and for everyone who wishes to have easy to maintain multilingual sites!!! :-)
byvilizar, February 5, 2013
ARTIO Booking
This extension is NOT for PROs in the tourism field. I have 10 years of expertise on the Bulgarian Black Sea market - one of the biggest such venues in Europe, and will speak from the ACCOMMODATIONs point of view.
- There is a limitation for 2 apartments in FREE version. Not HOTELS - but rooms, apartments, villas.
- They are not BOOKABLE - you don't have the payment methods activated in the free version, but its fine, because it is stated beforehand for the FREE version.

GREAT CONs - any version:
- You cannot declare CHILDREN's age, not prices for them, nor prices for 2 AD + 1 CH , 2 AD + 2 CH + 1 INF, other than a currency discout. Who works this way? No percentages? No straight package price for such people?
- No differentiation of prices for different tourist groups at same time periods. Let's say, booking price for 2+2 during LOW SEASON is very hard to be made different to 3 AD in the same LOW SEASON.

Many people think it's easy to make a hotel booking component, and ask money for it. Not so!!! And just to mention - this FREE component has the full functionality of the PAID versions, but just for 2 objects. Well, as a PRO, I wouldn't pay for it.

And b the way - awful English language in the component, not friendly at all, cannot understand easily what the options are for...
Owner's reply

thanks for your feedback. I have to agree with most what you wrote.
The issue here is, that the component is meant for general bookings -- it is not specialized for hotel industry, so of course, it is not full-featured from this point of view.

It is primarily meant for what you mentioned - apartments, villas, small boarding houses, etc. where they do not need to have so detailed requirements about configuration of packages and others.
Big companies and hotels usually either use custom-made systems or specialized commercial software.
Booking component is not aimed on these.

Anyway, we certainly plan to keep enhancing the functionality, to allow even more options and possibly also packages in future.

As regards English - you are right and we are already working on improving that.