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byvinsim, April 5, 2013
I have been using K2 for years. The is a small learning curve but intelligence usually prevails. Its well structured and easy to manage once you use it extensively. My customers love the ease of use through the front end. A very powerful component that should get the respect it truly deserves! Thanks for the hard work on such a brilliant component.
byvinsim, September 12, 2012
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I used Virtuemart once a while back with Joomla 1.5. I thought it would have improved with time but I think they are evolving backwards.... I try to search their forum, there is only one guy who tries to answer everyone's questions without much success. The other guy seems to mock people thinking he is "smarter" than everyone else. The "dumb" thing here is that many posts are not resolved typically sending people elsewhere for solutions than the actual source. I am surprised that this component even exists at all.

I tried to install it (New Installation) on Joomla 2.5+ and got and error: Fatal error: Call to undefined method JLanguage::getBackwardLang() in /home/mywebsite/public_html/administrator/components/com_virtuemart/compat.joomla1.5.php on line 78. I checked their forum and there are many people with the same issue yet they have no clue what the answer is... They just redirect people back and forth in their forum thinking it will magically go away....

If you cannot create/support an easy installable component for Joomla then you should seriously be contemplating a change of careers. Too bad because it had a lot of promise but you cant polish a turd...

Thanks Virtuemart, my first, my last, my nothing...
Owner's reply

There is not only one guy answering in the forum, there are around 20 people answering in the forum, besides the 10k visitors a day.
Your error is because you upgraded from vm1 to vm2. You did not a new install! This file /compat.joomla1.5.php is from vm1. So please read the manual FIRST.

Really interesting how you can say that you made a new installation, but your are stumbling over a vm1 file.

byvinsim, March 1, 2012
This component used to be my favourite but now it is plagued with bugs in joomla 1.7 - 2.5. I have installed it on many templates and noticed that some of the things do not work normally any more.

Upon installation on most sites developed by big name professionals I cannot upload an image or simple things as text center, align left/right rendering it useless for my customers. If it doesn't work with the free version then why bother paying for it? I have moved on, unfortunately...
byvinsim, February 13, 2012
Social Share Buttons
Added this social plugin to the top of my articles, works like a charm! I excluded the articles I did not want the plugin to be published on, I am ready to go... Big thanks!!
byvinsim, February 13, 2012
Facebook Comments By Websoft
Installed and configured in a couple of minutes... This plugin unlike others I tried does the job right! Thanks :)
byvinsim, January 25, 2012
Pro Mp3 Player
Bought this Component and all I can say is that it works very well.

It is easy to set up thanks to the easy to use interface through well developed component. It instantly creates the module itself (you just assign the module position). All you have to do is upload the album & songs through the component area, give names to the albums/songs and you are ready to rock!

Thanks for this!
byvinsim, January 3, 2012
It amazes me how the "el cheapos" and "old ladies" come on these boards to bash a free and very good component...

They seem to bicker about the irrelevant things while contributing absolutely *nothing* to solving any problem. They are a shortcut to intelligence in my opinion.

This component works pretty well, I have installed it on a couple of sites without any issues. Thanks to the developer for taking the time to develop this component, Joomla exists because of your hard work! Appreciated.
byvinsim, December 25, 2011
n3t Coming Soon
This plugin is easy to customize and works very well. Great job!
byvinsim, October 17, 2011
Flexi Contact
This component works great. It installs nicely and configures with ease! Why make contact forms so complicated? This makes like easy... Thanks.
Documents Seller
I purchased Documents Seller a few months ago. After looking at the available components for selling documents I decided to go with Documents Seller by the Ossolution Team. It works flawlessly.

I had some minor modifications to my layout made to the component by Tuan for a small fee. He did this in a very respectable time frame. They have terrific support and a good reliable component for selling documents online.

Thanks Tuan!
byvinsim, January 4, 2011
I bought this Blog component last week and it works flawlessly... It looks terrific as well! If you are looking for a professional Blog that blows all the "other" Blog components away then this is the choice for you. I have tried them all, nothing compares.

Support: You dont need support in such an easy understanding and terrific product! That's what it should be about.
byvinsim, November 19, 2010
I actually bought the entire VTEM pack of modules even though I only needed the K2 module. It works really nice on my sites! I ended up using the the other modules on other sites...

Terrific modules, clean codes, no problems. Thanks!
byvinsim, November 7, 2010
Lof SlideShow for K2
The module works fine, unlike others from LOF. If you want any support there is none. I emailed LOF a few times & they haven't replied to any of my emails...

No Support = No more money from me.
byvinsim, October 8, 2010
Pop Image Slider
I purchased this module a few days ago and it works beautifully! I easily upgraded my site to the latest 1.5.20 with an upgrade component here on Joomla extensions.

Setting up the module is extremely easy and the outcome, well it's perfect for my site!

Support is great, that's the way its supposed to be. The developer emailed me to see how it was going with the module. What more can you ask for?

Thanks Thanos ;)
byvinsim, August 26, 2010
nBill Lite
A terrific component! Installed without any problems, has a ton of features & functionality is great. I emailed the developer & he responded in no time, very courteous.

This is a complete billing tool, very detailed. You need to take the time to set it up & test it before passing irrelevant judgment. Installation was very simple, if you cannot install this component you should not be using a computer.

I am having a hard time understanding why the harsh reviews on such a well developed component. If you need a complete billing system that is completely customizable then this is the solution for you!

Thanks Russell, Joomla needs more developers like you!
byvinsim, May 29, 2010
My homepage doubles up also, some pages don't work properly... Tried it on many of my sites & yep, useless until there's a fix.
Owner's reply

Double page issues have been resolved. Please try the latest version.

byvinsim, April 7, 2010
Ajax Contact
I would like to thank Douglas for this amazing extension. It was worth every penny!

Support response is very fast, I had a question & got a response within 15 mins! Incredible. Thanks Douglas.
byvinsim, September 5, 2009
RSform Pro
Purchased RSFORM PRO a week ago & never looked back... terrific product!!
Ozio Gallery
This is pretty cool component. As stated by many others & now by myself, it is useless because of the author links at the bottom of the component.

I don't want customers redirected to some other guys site just for a component (yeah right.) If I was building a website & did not care about basically anything, this would be great!