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byviru5detected, February 19, 2014
Simple Responsive Menu
It's a one-click pony! Simply install, select a menu to link it to and you're good to go. I've struggled with responsive menu for 2 whole days and here you are to save the day!!
byviru5detected, November 25, 2013
Recently Hit Articles
Does exactly what it says on the box. Easy to set up and install
byviru5detected, November 25, 2013
Most Popular Content by Date Range
It's all plug and play. Install-> enable module and plugin-> add module in index file ->configure categories to display and it's good to go! Simple and concise.
byviru5detected, November 24, 2013
It took me a while to get the extension installed and to find my way around it. Thankfully the developer was always on hand to answer my questions in the forum. Once you get your bearings with the app you realize how simple yet powerful it is. I'd say this is the best free blog extension for joomla so far
byviru5detected, November 19, 2013
Article Book Effect
Even though it's still a work in progress I'd say that this plugin is perfect for my needs. Works even better than a paid module that I tried to use earlier. I even have other plugins working within this one with no problem at all! Support from the forum admin is swift and prompt, solved both my queries within a day of posting.
byviru5detected, August 15, 2013
True Typography
This is the only Joomla3 compatible plugin I saw on the list but it does everything I need it to