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byvisionwake, October 24, 2009
Replaces anything in your content and easy to use.

One enhancement maybe...
I wish there was a way to set up an item, then let the front-end user determine the replacement text, such as via a small form module. e.g. "Give this artilce a name", then their input replaces the current "articlename".
byvisionwake, October 23, 2009
Popin Window
Nice, simple, lightweight.
Ultimately I had to uninstall because won't work in IE (IE's the dreaded html parsing error).
(sidenote: 'compatibility mode' in IE8 sometimes solves this but not in this case)
(sidenote2: IE can suck it!)

Also, I share dkartuzinski's thought that some simple directions (either during install or in the plugin manager) would be nice.

Otherwise, a nice little plugin :)