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byvisitAglona, February 11, 2012
SP Transfer
Due to need of upgrades for several sites based on Joomla, have to move data from - to. From 1.7 to 2.5 used some other apps, but I have sites yet on 1.5, so, direct transfering isn't possible (at least I do not know the way). Found this app and decided to buy it.
Have to say:
1. installation was easy and fats, no problems
2. interface is quite clean and simple as well
3. I am not a pro in data bases, just use them w/o any programming skills, so, there was some obstacles - I couldn't connect from-to and did not get transfers.
Just asked in e-mail - assistance is excellent, author replied quickly, with detailed advices.
Finally, I got to real transfer - it was quick and correct.

May be people before buyng this app should know, that if they plan to transfer data from free hostings, that can be not possible, a susually such hosts might not provide port opening for remote access to data base.
You have to have remote access to source data base - only then you will get data out.

In other words - tool from the range "admin must have".
Recommend, it is worth the price.
byvisitAglona, February 5, 2012
I am in touch with Joomla since Limbo/Mambo time and designed/manage several websites (some single language, some multi). As for J1.5 was used JoomFish - IMHO best solution for MultiLang. sites, but starting with J1.6/1.7 and now withJ2.5 I missed this possibilty for MLS "easy to go" management.

Few days ago found FaLang extension and... tried it on J2.5 test installation.
Technically - no problem, installed like a charm and plg setled up withot any problems.
Functionally, rather similar to JoomFish (as it is also stated by Author - it's based on JoomFish), still I missed something (due to some missunderstandings or missreadings of docs) in settings or test site settings and not all worked as I expected. Probably, I missunderstood some features or technical aspects, therefore I wrote an email to Author - Stephane. Same day quick reply with short and direct answers, I got the idea and tested it again - all works as described. Fantastic!

Now, only one aspect I found, that I do not know how to solve in easy way (may be have to read and try more) - can not translate article from another language to default site language (there is no possibility to chose it in translation menu). Thus, I found solution - to translate article to default language from another - change default langugae for translation moment.
May be folks can suggest right way for this.

But! A big thanks to FaLang author for this great app for MLS!
byvisitAglona, October 21, 2011
Thanks to authors for a great app for Joomla.
Installed quickly and easy both C and P.
Not many options to adjust or change, so no problems with that.
On website looks and works pretty great!
Would like to suggest foolowing adjustments:
1. add multilanguage option/ability for such sites (language files should be for sure, folks will translate and add own languages quickly)
2. in C or P should be option to select in which categories it add comments,
3. in C some filtering by ... (users, categories, etc...) would be great
4. would be very nice to hav a module to put on website in a some position - newest comments, most voted, etc (by any available parameters), even with some cool scripts that shows comments scrolling, changing (but this is not top most priority - better to have any module to show them at leats)

In fact, very good and potential C&P - keep growing!!!
Owner's reply

Thanks for review.
I have already considered the language support and releasing with v1.0.2, Support for letting to which article could be allowed to be commented as well.

I am considering other options of your suggestions.

byvisitAglona, September 30, 2011
I tested it for a few days and bought.
byvisitAglona, September 26, 2011
Easy Frontend SEO
Installed like a charm, in 1-2 min was ready t check website.
Owner's reply

You are welcome, have success!

byvisitAglona, September 24, 2011
Core Design Login
I like it and use on several websites - it works like a charm.
Would be nice, if developper add a feature - to login with FB and other popular social NW accounts.
byvisitAglona, December 14, 2009
Flexi Contact
Thank's a lot!
Tested many contact forms, and have to say - this one catched me by simplisity, easy to setup. Even translation for my local language took 3min.
Very nice and smart option with "Magic word", also captcha with pictures - that's worth to see.
Thank's again.
byvisitAglona, July 2, 2008
Installed on test server, just to see how it works.
After 20 minutes of some look here and there, adapting to settings in component and plugins, changes in General site settings (just to allow upload zip files), found that it works as described.
Even without any modifications in css or templates - extension looks quite nice.
I am not quite newbie with Joomla (has some experience during the last three years, not a profi or tech, just user), still, this is rather simple to set up and use.
Will implement in real website.
Thanks developer for good extension.