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byvisk, February 6, 2012
Event Booking
As an extension I would recommend this extension highly, but my experions with the services, has so far been poor. No answers at the forum, no answers from the developers team despite my contact through email and skype! So sadly my rating cannot be anything else than "Average".
Owner's reply

Hi Visk

I don't know who you are and don't know the reason I received this not good rating and review from you (I believe I give very good support for customers - you can see from other ratings and reviews for this product and my other products) :

1. You said that I didn't response for forum questions, please check my forum at No un-answered questions and I usually reply to questions in less than 24 hours .

2. You said that you contacted me via Skype. I am online on Skype everyday from 8:30am until 11pm everyday (my timezone is GMT+07), so I don't know why you didn't receive my response. I talk with customers everyday and there are no reasons I don't reply to customers.

3. You said you sent emails to me, did you send it to correct email ? I check and reply to customers email everyday, so I am almost cannot miss your emails.

So if you are a "real" customer, please contact me ASAP to get support and you will get support FOR SURE. Please do contact me to get answers for your questions.