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byvisualeight, March 21, 2014
I have used Redshop now for going on 3 years and have used it on 4 different sites.

The learning curve is very steep.
It's admin user interface is not well planned or thought out.
Support has gone downhill.
New responsive design release is now 3-5 months overdue with release date still not set.

Those above are my main complaints. I have been looking extensively at eCommerce solutions for Joomla, even looking at Magento, but it's clear that Redshop needs a lot of work to compete. They still are coming out with for-sale templates yet they can't fix the bugs in their cart software that have been there for months.

I spend way too much time trying to deal with their support doing half the job, or answering half the question that I ask, or even responding to a completely different question than what I've asked. I'm waiting weeks for them to fix bugs, it's too much.

I am switching to Mijoshop after this last experience is over.
byvisualeight, October 25, 2012
This is the first slider I ever downloaded for Joomla, and it's still my favorite to use.

It can be used as either a module or a component, but keep in mind to use the advanced features like putting an anchor link around a slide you must set up the slideshow to use the component instead of folder source, and then go to the actual component to build the slider. That seems to be a little tricky to newer people trying to use it.

I definitely would recommend this to other people who need to put a slideshow in their site.