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byvitima, March 10, 2010
Before I tried this component, I tested several others and none fulfilled my needs. I need something that can collect my clients hardware and software serials and licenses that I'm responsible for. So, with some hacking, I can not only collect them, but also allow my clients to view only their own items.
Because this is a simple component I can easily do the needed hacking to achieve the perfect solution.
There are a few bugs in the Admin side, but works fine. Needs some more development on the fields creation.
And... What's the need for "Modification" field??

Wish you the best to jump to the next level.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the encouragement.
You can report bugs by mail or on the forum.
The "modification" field is to follow modifications about an item, something like wikipedia. But for the moment, you can't compare versions, or delete a modification.
I invite you to propose evolutions on fields creation by mail or on the forum.