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Reviews(1), November 13, 2007
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Simple RSS Feed Reader
This is exactly what we needed, simple and powerful with all the configuration options we could desire the only snags preventing us form deploying into production are:
with (at least one) blogspot feed the 'hide images' option only works if the ' Force word limit' option is left empty or from zero to a small integer (3 or 4). I guess this could be also blogspot (or this blog) fault, but I could not solve the issue.
Fo us this is a problem because we want no images, and even if we did, there's a problem with text not flowing around them -another problem.

We receive feeds in Portuguese (our own and form this site are good examples) and special caracteres (à, á, ç, ã, etc...) very important and common in Portuguese display very wrongly. Very wrongly means with two strange characters replacing one of our 'special' ones(example 'Divisão shows up as 'Divisão')

We would very much like to use this product, can this be corrected? Is this the proper place to ask for this?

If we were not seeking Portuguese feeds (I'm sure spain will have the same issues) and we didn't need this specific blogspot I would be giving this module an 'EXCELENT' I now with all this complains I should be ranking it lower, but I think it's a really great product, we just have the misfortune of needing it in the most buggy scenario

All the best

Vitor Cunha