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byvivaknievel, December 23, 2012
JSN PowerAdmin
Love this extension! I can't begin to tell you how many hours this has saved me, in updates and general management of my Website.

It offers shortcuts to updating, assigning, re-ordering, and adding new modules, shortcuts to editing articles, and shortcuts to finding modules, components, articles, plug-ins and menus, even if you've forgotten the full title. For the feature which allows quick re-ordering and assignment of modules alone, this would have been irresistible.

Mac users will greatly appreciate the Spotlight-like way that it performs searches. It not only searches titles, but also item aliases (short link names)...and then conveniently breaks down matches into a list organized by extension type (component, article, module, etc.). Slick!

It also gives you a quick access list of the items you've used/updated the most, tells you how long you've been logged in for, includes a quick site preview button, and even more.

Bonus: The design of the interface is clean and easy to navigate. And the real-time search engines and updating process works super FAST.

This is one of those extensions which contains features that you didn't realize you wished were native to Joomla. But whatever, it's great to have them now. It makes the entire Admin experience much more smooth, and I no longer spend eons searching for things I can't remember the name of, or toggling browser windows back and worth to remember in what order a module appears on a page, or what pages they're assigned to.

I ended up contacting customer support about another free extension last year. Though I ended up not needing them later, I also used their free templates and upgraded one to Pro. But the same kind of design and efficiency behind JSN PowerAdmin was found in their other work, and the customer support received was excellent on paid extensions and the basic questions I had about free extensions.
byvivaknievel, October 17, 2012
iCagenda provided me with an easy-to-use, straightforward events calendar, without confusing options or cluttered, unattractive design - and it was free. Can't go wrong. The only things missing that I'd love to see in the future is a description field, for when you need to elaborate on event details, and a URL field for online events and/or for third-party information. Other than that, it's clean, looks good, and it works well!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review!
Sorry, I'm late to answer you, and since your review, many features have been added, and others are in the roadmap!

byvivaknievel, October 17, 2012
Komento is my favorite of all comment extensions I've ever installed on my site. Easy install, clear tool-tips to help you adjust settings, clean and sleek design, extra features I never thought I needed, but do see a great benefit to having.

I love that you can customize which categories it appears on, which fields will show, which social networks it can be shared on, permissions, display name and others.

I couldn't get the Recaptcha field to save my keys, and the create/publishing dates disappeared from my articles, after installation, but I will tinker with it, and see if it's a settings issue. Even so, there's a default captcha to use, and I will investigate what happened with the article dates. Regardless, it's a great extension and I'm grateful that it was free.
byvivaknievel, November 1, 2009
I have tried most of the forms components available on Joomla Extensions, both free and commercial. This is the only one where I didn't run into problems. The installation and configuration is simple, the options pretty straightforward, nice-looking interface with good features, like tooltips, choices of file extensions for file attachments and more... and it works!

Without reading any documentation, I was able to play with it for a few minutes and get a basic form soon after. The basics of what you need to know is if you plan to use it for multiple forms in different areas of the site, you might first make categories for the forms. From there, make one or more templates - the templates aren't merely layout elements, they're where you'll set up your input fields. After that, creating the form is merely choosing a title, assigning an email address, which template to use, and what text to display. You use the built-in tools to link your form to whatever menu you want, and you're good to go.

I would consider this one 100% perfect if there were more options for alignment (I notice that I have to make large input fields in order to eliminate large gaps between the question and the answer.) You can do some adjustments, however, out of the box, and folks like myself may be able to do more through CSS. If it had a multiple page option, that would be excellent, too, but as is, this component is a great option, that does not cause any headaches.

I thank the creators for making this available.
byvivaknievel, May 2, 2009
I downloaded this extension, because it was the first of its type which seemed to have the ability to be installed and put to use quickly. I was not disappointed in the least.

This thing installed and was running in literally less than 5 minutes. It is broken down into both a component and a plug in. Activated the plug-in and then went into the Components area. Selected "Item," created a new Item, put in the relative URLs of both the page I was re-directing from and the one being re-directed to. Hit Save... typed in the old link... and it immediately worked.

In my situation, it was a case of having re-named a page that I'd already given potential clients links to. I needed a quick fix to avoid them running into 404 pages. ReDJ did the trick, instantly.
Music Collection
Music Collection is one of those Extensions, I've longed to build or see built for a few years now. The developer has created a good-looking, versatile, functional tool, which also is very easy to use. It is one of the few commercial extensions that I not only found interesting enough to purchase (for my needs, anyway), but which has not disappointed in the least, afterwards. It's also one of those rare extensions, in which the developer seems to have left few stones unturned, when designing and coding. It's usable right out of the box, and really seems to leave very little left to be desired.

Though designed primarily for those who wish to display their music collection, I've found that with very little customization, it also suits the needs of a label or artist, to display a catalog of material and samples. Samples are played in an embedded Flash MP3 player which appears every time that particular song is listed and the albums themselves automatically pull all relevant album tracks into a "master" player, so that the full album can be previewed in one shot. It comes with a great player, but you also have the ability to swap it out for the compatible player of your choice.

Music Collection comes with a great variety of options from frontend display styles, customizable genres, types, and more. It also allows you to write reviews/info for each album and/or artist, allow your users to preview each track, plus get additional detailed information for each track and album. This also includes things like catalog number, release date, price, and much more. There's even a place to input lyrics for display!

There are also built-in search and browsing features, plus some "smart" functions, requiring only minimal effort - Music Collection easily makes the connections between related artists, albums that are part of a box set, and it also recognizes subgenres that are the same between one master genre and another. An example in that case would be... if you have a genre Rock ->Pop ->Brit Pop and you also have a genre Soundtracks ->Modern Rock ->Brit Pop, an album search would correctly yield appropriate results for any Brit Pop searches. And you have full use of keywords and tags. The search does not yet include lyrics at the time of this writing, but I believe this is on the way, as are other things.

Music Collection also comes with access to customizable modules such as "Random Album" and "Top Rated Album," the latter of which you can choose by genre or artist, if you desire. And you can also implement SEO extensions to make your links much more search engine-friendly.

Music Collection also has its own forum, where you can ask questions, make suggestions, or access straightforward documentation, which is steadily being added and reveals even more hidden tricks and features. The creator is very user-friendly and actually has answered my questions rather quickly, and taken my few suggestions seriously. He's also been very much on the ball with updating on when new modules are available, and the downloads are easy. You also have access to the modules and the extension itself, through your account... indefinitely, should you ever need to re-install again.

That's all I can think of at the moment. If your site involves albums or singles, I can't think of any better way to implement it into your Joomla site than this.
Owner's reply

I am amazed to read this review, I think you explained it better than I would have! :) thanks vivaknievel