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byvivi2009, October 3, 2011
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Excellent. Great Job. Very little to say apart from that. Oh yes very configurable and light too . The CSS part is a breeze add cursors or what ever you want .

Thank you developer
Owner's reply

Thank you for your kind words.

I wanted to provide that seamless experience, with all of the flexibility I required when implementing it in my own projects. Everything needed to be customizable! I'm glad it works for you and everyone who's given positive reviews (and even those who haven't)

byvivi2009, September 26, 2011
News Show Pro GK4
Silly of me to think Gavick would not have upgraded to 1.7.!

The reason I write this review is for primarily 2 reasons:
1st- Gavick as usual has produced an outstanding extension.As usual. :)

2nd- I want to request all developers (this is not a reflection on our Developers Abilities, they are very talented and dedicated, full stop.)to get moving and get abreast of Joomla 1.6 and 1.7.Fact of the matter is that 1.6 / 1.7 compatible extensions represent a minuscule percentage of the available extensions.

Request the Moderator to let this review pass with the 2nd point included. Thank you

byvivi2009, March 21, 2011
My RSS Reader
Months of hard labor and eventually I found the Perfect RSS component . Thank you developer. Great Job Done.

Works out of the box. In testing mode I really tried to push this component with 700 + feeds Worked like a charm, no hitch no glitch.

Thank you
byvivi2009, January 7, 2010
This is undoubtedly the best commenting system in Joomla. I was using this on three sites.

Unfortunately I have had to remove it from ALL my sites because of a very very strange issue with Internet Explorer.

The problem is NOT with this beautiful extension but with IE - Because of IE I had to remove this extension I feel sad to have removed it .

The problem on IE is that you get an "Operation Aborted , internet explorer can not load this page" message. IE SUKs!

However on visiting the developers forum I see that the developer is trying very hard to give excellent support to every body - Good Job There.

But if you are using multiple templates like my sites do then you may find it very difficult go get a sensible work around the IE problem.

The day IE dies I will be using this on all my sites again.

Congratulations to the developer - You have an excellent component here. You support is timely , prompt and you find solutions.

Thank you.

The unfortunately developers site does not have a "Support " Link because I am very keen to support this product.

Thank You Again. Happy New Year

Though I have had to remove this component I still give you 5 stars.
Owner's reply

I am very sorry that you had to remove JComments. Indeed, with some Joomla templates, this problem happens with IE. And I have no universal solution at this moment. But let's try to solve the problem with your template? Contact me at the forum and send me a copy of your template, and I will try to find the cause of this error.