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byvjoveski, October 21, 2012
Text Scroller
Thank you Mr. Sakić for this simple but very useful module.
Very easy to use, CSS customizable so it can be made to fit any template styling.

Viktor J.
byvjoveski, October 18, 2012
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JUNewsUltra Pro
Hello and thank you Mr. Nosov for this excellent extension.

I've been searching for about a week for a free and well written extension for my website homepage, I have not had any luck until I installed your work.

With minimum CSS knowledge you can achieve full customization.
After a week search I finished the home page in 30 minutes.

I would ask one question regarding the extension.
I'm using JUNews to diplay all the articles inside a category - like a news portal.
JUNews seems to remove line breaks and all other formatting I've put in inside the joomla article manager.
Is there a way to keep text formatting?

Or could someone point me towards a help site (on english if possible)

Can't find any related topics on forums and the documentation is in cyrilic.

Thank you once more.

Viktor J.
Owner's reply

Use next option in the module:

Template Parameters → Show/Hide intro text (set SHOW) → Clear tag in Introtext (set NO) AND Limit introtex (set NO)