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byvladmarlowe, September 10, 2013
Jtag Calendar
Our non-porift student organization has used this calendar for 6 months now on our Joomla 3.1 site and we love it!

We have looked at all the calendar components out there for Joomla and decided on Jtag Calendar for several reasons:

1. It's amazing look and functionality. You will not find another calendar that looks and feels like this calendar. I would rate the visual side of this calendar a 5/5 - it doesn't get better than this in a Joomla component.

2. Functionality! We loved how we could import our iCal files straight into the calendar because most of us use Macs. It was easy to do and it saved us alot of time.

3. Front-end functionality. Having different officers in the club with no Joomla experience, I had to find something that allowed for front-end functionality. JTag Calendar has a great front-end that is easy to use and has all the features we wanted. The few other calendars we looked at didn't come close in the front-end functionality.

4. I have to admit I was scared at first because usually flashy joomla components runner slower than plain ones, but I was wrong to have been worried. This calendar, even with it's visual flavor, runs and loads fast.

5. iCal export and PDF print. We LOVE this feature! This allows our members to import our events into their phones and macs and also allows us to print upcoming events in a PDF form for meetings. This is a good tool for groups and meetings.

6. I have Joomla experience but if you don't, this Calendar is absolutely easy to set up. You install it, and assign it to a menu and that's it. Creating events and calendars in the backend is simple and front-end is also as simple.

Overall, this is an amazing calendar, and above are a few of our likes regarding this calendar. If you want a clean, modern calendar that gives good features while also not looking like early 90's then I recommend getting this calendar. For $30, that is a good deal (most Joomla Calendar components are from 30-49). I would recommend buying Jtag's membership if you plan on buying their calendar because for $9 more, you can get all of their extensions and also their amazing support.

Their support is top notch - they will respond to your questions within hours usually and give you individualized support. For example, I needed my Members Directory to look differently - within a few days, they sent me a new version of their extension modified just for my needs.

You won't be disappointed and if you hit a problem, know that Jtag Support is there and they will fix it for you.