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byvlahell, October 2, 2013
Responsive Contact Form
Pretty solid contact form! Really nice! Use it for a simple contact form. Comes with captcha.
byvlahell, August 8, 2013
JS Flexslider
This extension is a really nice slideshow, a must for every joomla web site.

Really easy to set up and so powerful, the best part it's free!

Thanks to Nicolas Lemarinier. A really pro on the web design and developer.
byvlahell, July 27, 2013
Very friendly and easy to use. I'm a web designer and developer, and this extension is very flexible and really powerful.

You should use it!
byvlahell, July 5, 2012
Maian Media
This extension does what is says: sell digital mp3 on line.

Pros: Really nice integration, user friendly, nice looking and above all: it's free.

Cons: Lacks of documentation (you need to spend hours or days searching how to set up the extension in the forum).

Major Bugs: Paths to the files are not good explained: so it's easy to get stuck trying to link files to the component, Constant errors with the database and with the paypal integration: sometimes you got an error with the php files, and other times the download links from the paypal are not showing: invalid transactions etc.

I thinks it's a terrific effort made by the developers, but not delivers what offers. Reliability and effectiveness.

Anyway you should check it out and give a try, perhaps you server configuration works well with this extension.

Verdict: Go ahead, and try. In the end I think the developer should consider make it commercial, probably this way he could make it better extension with the profits, and deliver a great product.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review it was fair enough. The issue that you are facing are really do to configuration. The paths are based off the location of your install which is why I had the variable that shows where your Joomla install is located so you can configure preview and download paths.

As far as documentation I think people lose sight of what open source really means. I took a lot of time to write this component (over five years) as it has been ever evolving because Joomla is ever evolving. Out of all of the people that have used it only one person has decided to help with the forum.

I think it is a bit selfish that people think I should write documentation since I have created, tested, deployed and maintained this thing for over five years for free. I have a silver version but I have been thinking of giving that away for free as well. Right not it pretty much covers my hosting cost

The bottom line is in the two years that I have had the silver version it has only grossed what I make in about a week of working as an consultant. If I decided to sell it outright it would be more work maintaining it and not enough profits. Basically I don't see myself retiring off of this thing.

It was essentially born out of necessity. I am a Artist and I needed to find a way to sell my music. I found an open source script and in the spirit of open source I decided to move it to Joomla. It has been a gift and a curse but I would do it all over again. The Artist of the world should not have a middle man to sell their music in this day and age. Hopefully if time permits in the future I can add more improvements to the component