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byvollachr, August 23, 2012
PayPal IPN for DOCman
I wanted to use the component to sell some PDF documents on my business's website, I needed some help getting the translation I created to work, the component creator responded well at first but failed to help with the translation issue, I ended up editing the English files to be in my language.

Later I had a problem with missing currency, and currency symbol, the creator of this component quite happily and quickly created a version with the needed currency but not the symbol, I ended up figuring out the symbol myself and having to fix a mistake in the added currency PHP code myself (wrong value).

Although I think that in General this component is good, the support is lacking, I am currently still having problems getting the component to work correctly and so far although sending 2 emails about my latest problem to the support email of the component creator I have gotten no answer, to be honest the supporter have stopped answering me a while back during the previous issues I had with the component to which I found a workaround myself for now.

The component is easy to install, configuration doesn't seem to be hard but things are still not working as they should.

I have found no better component to integrate Paypal with Docman but again, the support is very lacking.
byvollachr, May 17, 2010
I just love this module, been looking for something like that for a while and I'm so happy I finally found this one.

I do have one problem though, I use it for a right-to-left horizontal menu, all seemed to work perfect at first but then I noticed that under IE7 or IE8 with compatibility mode on the dropdowns from the top menu appears to far to the left of the parent menu item which makes it impossible to reach and click any of the submenu items before the submenu closes.