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byvollis, June 22, 2014
JV Counter
See review below "Lot of problem with this extension". Confirmed by me! This extension is a page killer.
byvollis, June 16, 2014
Responsive color google map
very easy to use and intuitive. Not overloaded. Perfect module for contact pages and more. Fast geocoding feature for several markers. Like it.
byvollis, July 15, 2013
Insert Article by ID
Self-explanatory configuration. Easy to use. Like it.
byvollis, May 5, 2013
V. 2.0.2, Joomla!2.5. Easy to configure. Did what I needed (and more) until I recognized that alias menu items are not shown as active. Because it's a menu module, sorry, just 2 stars...
byvollis, November 21, 2012
I use it a lot for a longer time. Now in J!3, too. Great!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review!

byvollis, November 15, 2012
jQuery Easy
... version 1.4.0 doesn't load JQuery UI from googleapis because calls like .../1.9/jquery-ui.min.js are no longer supported by Google. UI version must be mentioned explicitily e.g. .../1.9.1/... It's easy to find an alternative way in plugin settings to include libraries. So, 5 instead 4 stars.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review. As you have mentioned, Google does not support the automatic 'latest version' loading anymore (at least for the latest major version of jQuery UI). I have added a warning on the site.

byvollis, November 12, 2012
AutoTweet NG
It does what it shall do and does it well. But:
While activating the facebook app with version 5.10 I got this message: "On the first of December, this service will be disabled and you need the new AutoTweet release by Prieco to continue the work. Please upgrade soon as possible.". The currently available upgrade (v6) is a commercial one. So, I'm confused and don't know if the extension will stop to work in a few days.
Owner's reply

You are right! And, we are very late updating the free version.

We've just finished moving the old site.

I hope this week we have time to update the free version to v6.3.

I'm sorry for the confussion, and we are definitely continuing the free version ;-)

As we have to reduce the work for every new release, we've merged all versions in one single code base. So, new features are coming!

Stay tuned ;-)

byvollis, November 11, 2012
Less Compiler
Wondered about these JavaScript LESS compiler includers forcing guests to activate JS. Started to plan my own plugin based on PHP but foundh this extension for Joomla! 3 early enoug.
byvollis, May 9, 2012
Understandable descriptions. Practicable configuration. After 15 minutes I got it online.
byvollis, April 15, 2012
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I needed 2 hours to get it work.
I use FireFox with AddOn User Agent Switcher. I switched and switched and switched but there was no mobile view of my page, just the standard.
So, I checked the source code and found out that the component had cached my user agent settings and ignored my switchings.
So, I deactivated caching with a small hack for further developping and testing and switching ;-)

After that I needed 10 minutes to understand the settings, how to add modules, menus and...

This is an excellent time saving extension, not meant ironically in this context.

Installed "Highlight code with Jumi 1.2" without Jumi. Installed the editor button plugin "plg_editors-xtd_highlight_code". Wrote two lines CSS-overrides. Used it. Bingo! I love it.

Dear programmer, whenever you think about to make this plugin more complex (more configuration possibilities etc.), please keep this easy to use and time serving version inside Joomla! Extensions Directory. It's perfect asis.
byvollis, December 2, 2010
Tag Meta
If you have some knowledge of regular expressions this plugin makes anything possible to add individual META-informations to any of your pages, that otherwise would show the default site METAs. I just made 2 small 1-minute-hacks to have a TEXTAREA instead of a limited INPUT field for META-descriptions.
But that's no reason to vote worse than 5 stars!
I have to copy many pages from an old internet site with very good SE rankings (incl. category, section, sitemap views) to Joomla. This component helps us to retain our rankings and additional informations for users and bots on ANY page.
Thank you, developer!
byvollis, December 2, 2010
jQuery++ Integrator
Fast download, quick install, plugin activation and it worked without any further configurations. I could integrate all my old JQuery-Scripts into Joomla1.5 without any problems. I've learned JQuery scripting as a professional developer and this plugin saved both time and money; instead of time-consuming learning mootools and transcribing all my JQuery scripts.