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I have used multiple booking and ticketing extensions and this one is the best. It looks great, functions great, and the support has been incredible.
This is the 3rd extension that I have bought from TechJoomla and I highly recommend all of them.
byvoodoorhino, March 13, 2014
EasyTable Pro
I have tried many table extensions for a project involving a very large data set. This is without a doubt the best there is for Joomla. All of the others gave problems, or couldn't handle the amount of data. The new AJAX release just made it better and I have a very happy client now. The ability to edit the data is fast and easy, the ability to update or change data is fast and easy. It just works, and that is the best part.

Also, I can't speak highly enough about the support team. When I had issues, the helped me to solve the problem, or since the newest release just came out, I mentioned an issue and they pushed an update! It and they are great.

If you need a table, this is the only way to go.
byvoodoorhino, August 13, 2013
I have built many J! sites and used dozens of extensions. The support is always a huge factor for me. I had posted questions on the forum and I was always responded to in a very timely fashion. They looked into my issue and were able to resolve it (and handled a PM necessary comment very well). The calendar itself works very well and it is easy to modify the style to make it match your site. I am very happy with the purchase of this extension and I plan on maintaining a gold membership for as long as I am building Joomla sites. Again, they really seem to want their customers to be happy and they have a great product to start with.
byvoodoorhino, March 11, 2013
Membership Pro
I have done dozens of Joomla builds and everything made by JoomDonation is spectacular. This product did nearly everything that I wanted it to and it worked flawlessly. For the added function that I wanted I asked if they could do a custom code job and they did. The price was completely reasonable and the outcome was spectacular. I could not be happier. I will be using Membership Pro any time I need any kind of registration software. It truly is great. The support is spectacular. I cannot give higher praise to any Joomla related company. JoomDonation will always be my first choice component developer.
byvoodoorhino, February 8, 2013
I have used eDocMan on a few sites now and I do not think I would even contemplate looking for another piece of software to do this. The functionality may take a minute to get used to if you really want to get restrictive and use all of the features, but once you have it it is absolutely the best.

I have also used a few other pieces of software from JoomDonation and I now always check to see if they have the software that I need for my current projects. Everything that I have used works exactly as I have needed it to.

The support has also been very fast and effective. The have gone the extra mile to make sure that their product is working right on my site.

Overall: Excellent, Highly Recommended
byvoodoorhino, October 23, 2012
KA Twitter Anywhere
I had made a mistake (that was completely my fault) with this software and the dev team came through and helped me rectify it without any questions asked. It was great support and really appreciated.

As for the product, it does exactly what it says it will and does it well. There are not a ton of pretty frills, it just works, and works well. The code is also clean and nice to work with if you are looking to make changes to the display. I was able to make the tweaks that I wanted with very little difficulty and no issuses digging through too many files or ugly code.

Overall, very well done. I will definiately be using this any time I integrate twitter.
byvoodoorhino, October 19, 2012
Flexi Contact Plus
The form itself is great and does exactly what it should. But the user guide is the best that I have encountered. It actually covers nearly everything in a nice, searchable PDF. It is better than digging through forums to find an answer to a questiosn that someone else asked that is not quite right. And when the answer is not there, the support has been right on it.
Yesterday I emailed support for an issue I was having and this morning, rather than just giving instructions on how to do what I needed, there was a full update to the package that had added features to accomplish exactly what I needed. I am not sure if that was done for me or if I just got incredibly lucky with the timing of my request and the timing of an update, but it was great.
The only negative that I have is withthe image CAPTCHA. I love the feature and it is what I always use, but it does dramatically increase page load time on the pages where it is being used.

Overall excellent product.