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byvostokoved, January 13, 2011
ActiveHelper LiveHelp
Nothing else I need, but this!
Tons of features and everything works out of the box without any problems.
Support is very-very-very good.

1. Cheap
2. Reliable
3. Does exactly what is stated
4. No bugs (why?)
5. Some features I haven't seen in others extensions (have tried a lot of them)

P.S. If there's some iPhone/Android support there's no chances for the rivals

Thank you Peter! I'm you customer forever
byvostokoved, January 10, 2011
AcyMailing Starter
Hey, guys, really, I didn't expect.
I was about to open some kind of PDF-tutorial and was preparing to break my head...even got a special day to make your component to work...but it looked like someone did it in a second...from installation to the language auto a charm.
Easy, beautiful, reliable.
One thing I'm worrying about is a ton of additional features I haven't even time to drill.
One more quick advice. Give some more templates, please! ;)

GOOD! NO...EXCELLENT! Don't event want to try anything else
byvostokoved, November 9, 2010
RSform Pro
I've tried other forms components and I swear by God that this one is the best!
Why it's the best?
1. User-friendly interface (hate complicated extensions where you have to spend 10 days to make it working). It's actually not the "lack of knowledge problem". It's a usability issue.
I don't want to buy a car where the ignition button is on the the floor behind the back seats.
In RSFormsPro (as all the other their components) usability level is incredible! You will figure it out in 10 minutes at most (I promise).
Ajax powered "take and drop" fields feature is sexy!
2. Unlimited functionality of fields. Conditional fields, different field types and even more! They have their unique "Ticket Field" which creates the auto-generated number of the submission! God bless you for that. Also you can create hidden http referrer field and page title grabbing fields, so you can know what page the submission was sent from. It’s good for the commerce! Very-very good, you don’t have to make the customer to enter the name of the product again. Also you won’t have to create 20 forms with unique IDs for the 20 products. Therefore if you change one field, it will be changed in every article! Isn’t it good?
3. Paypal gate! Perfect feature. And it’s also can be modified if the price as complicated and has a lot of additional features.
4. Simple backup and restore function!
5. Brilliant Email customization! Any fields can be replaced in the text with placeholders.
So, you mail will be customized as much as you want for both sides (admin and customer).
6. Layout auto generation (Almost all commonly used templates are already implemented), so if you need the minor customization you just have to turn the auto generated layout off and delete any piece of information you need. By the way, RSForms brings new 3 beautiful templates, so I really appreciate it.
If you need to add css, there’re virtually no limitations in this component!
6. Custom scripting features. This code is open and RSTeam gives a lot of commonly used scripts scenarios which is very easy to install in you forms.
This is the first extension I didn’t have to open the com_... folder to handle almost everything.
Great job, great component, great team!
byvostokoved, November 8, 2010
RSTeam is wonderful and all the other components of them are very good and the support is excellent (I'm using almost all of them). I adore RSTickets, RSForms and, of course, RSFirewall.

First I want to tell about the good points:
1. Custom calendar (you don't need to use other calendar extension to create the events). The look of the calendar is good!
2. A LOT of ways of publishing (calendar look, category view, specific event view, "from-to" event and a lot of others).
3. Nice backend interface. Good usability and the look.
4. Paypal Payment gate (works perfectly).
5. Ability to insert event pictures (maybe you don't believe, but in some "free" calendars you have to pay for this feature...shame on them!) and have them in the module too!
6. Custom Emails

Now about the weak points.

First problem is there's no customs fields feature (sorry, it's written that we shouldn't request for features here, but I think that nowadays this feature lack is a big disadvantage of any extension of such kind).

They have RSForms integration, but if you insert that RSForm in the article using content plugin it doesn't work properly. And you can't select the custom fields for that forms, only specified RSEvent the integration is almost useless.

RSEvent upcoming module has a good idea of giving you the freedom to insert necessary fields of event, using placeholders. Unfortunately for those who can't use css and html tags this feature is useless, because the layout of the module should be inserted in html. This is good as the additional feature however.
Well, one more problem about the module is - the number of placeholders are very limited even for the small number of fields they have (for example the event {price} placeholder are absent, either the number of {tickets left}...assuming they have the {join the event} placeholder I would suppose that the customer want to know if the link should be clicked at all).

Personal cabinet.
No possibility to see the status of offline payment. Only the online payment status (payed, pending...)
Custom emails placeholders lack!
Although you can customize the Emails, the placeholders number are VERY limited. They promise to add some more, but unfortunately there's no action towards.

Templates are from the Stone Age.


You you sell baseball tickets and sell them online it's ok.
For the serious event registration project this component lacks a lot of functionality.
I bought it and don't regret, because it was my start extension I've learned from, but unfortunately I have to stop using it and wait for the following development.
byvostokoved, October 28, 2010
(My English is not native, so don't judge me too hard)

I've been following RS Team since their early beginning. That time I choose another support desk.
Time passed, my demands to my joomla site grew up and I got their RSForms extension. When I opened their site again I was shocked how the small team became one of the most advanced joomla extensions development company. Their constant (very important) development is the most valuable aspect when choosing you background team.
Sure, there are good (very good) extensions, but when you are using some extension you need not "perfect-extension-right-now", but some extension which is in constant development and integrated in other extensions.
Main reasons I finally choose RS:
1. Constant development and updating (The most unpleasant thing is to choose something perfect now but without future. If you are trying to create a serious project, it’s shame to stay unsupported)
2. Big popularity (over 60 000 users on the forum is a considerable number)
3. Very good support team (I consider myself as an annoying client, but every time I ask questions, they respond fast and polite!)
4. Other native and 3rd part extensions integrations
5. Best value for money balance

One thing I would like to notice is design aspect. Some their templates are quite old-fashioned. Of course if you are using such kind of advances extensions, you probably can handle css etc., but I think that out of the box perfect design is very attractive for potential customers.
Simple forms design modifications makes our clients want to enter their credit card information in it.

Thank you guys!
byvostokoved, June 25, 2010
This extension is very good!

Ability to add fields directly in database is an excellent tool for those who want to create powerful custom forms for submitting content, user registration and even to create submit forms for the CCK extensions (though it will take brain and time, but possible).

Good support, video tutorials, knowledgebase and ability to customize virtually everything you want makes this extension perfect for professionals.

As for non-programmers...

There's a quick form creation mode, which, yes, allows you to create the form quite easy.

But! Customization is quite difficult.
Even to change simple e-mail notification layout you need to drill their knowledge base and spend plenty of time (and coding) before you get the result.

To be able to download the attach file (which can't be viewed by default) in the e-mail you also have to make a lot of coding.

People of forums use to say:

-Hi! Can I modify bla-bla-bla...?

-Hi there! Yes, insert This ({2 list php code...})! (no specification where exactly you have to insert the code).

-Thank you! Cheers

To understand them, you need to be one of them.

This extension is good instrument for making money creating custom forms, because it's a headache to do it yourself. And they do ;) (there's a custom service on the site).

For professionals: YES
For non-professionals: NO
If you need a simple form: NO
If you need a complicated forms system for a big project: YES
If you know how to control tables in phpadmin, change collations: YES
I don't know what the phpadmin is (and collations too): Not for you
byvostokoved, June 8, 2010
Trying to be objective, I'm giving 4 stars.
Why not 5?

I've been following YooTheme for the last 2 years and this is my first review for them.

If a small company with small potentials could have managed to do such kind of extension (++++a lot of tools integrated with it) I would probably give 99 stars, but for a company who is considered to be one of the best in their field I'm giving 4 stars.

Product shopping cart, no wish list and checkout all. Can you imagine, say, huge 15000 item catalog without any possibility to even remember what you have been looking through. What is the point of such kind of catalog? Just to look at the items? Well...maybe
I understand that it's not e-commerce extension, but sometimes people don't need the complicated carts like Virtue Mart of Magento.

I don't know if YooTheme is going to develop the shopping cart for Zoo, and it's their choice of course, but if I hear the word "Product Catalog" I think it should be some way to get it ;)

Sorry for my bad English :)