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byvrans99, June 5, 2013
List Manager
I have to tell you that this guy is awesome. He let me feel like I was his only customer. I think he has a computer next to him to provide support even when he is on bed.

I had an issue and I gave him credentials to log in to my Joomla 3.1.1 site. He found the problem (which it was not related to his component) and he made me suggestions and also he upgrade his component to avoid the issue in just few hours. It is amazing!

My problem was that the Magic Quotes php setting was on and to properly use Joomla 3.1 you must set it to 'off'. So my problem was not his extension.

Fixing this issue I am avoiding any future issues with any other component, thank to his advice.

The extension does what it is intended to do and a lot more of what is on the description. Super easy to use.

Recommended 1000%.
byvrans99, January 30, 2012
Simple File Lister
This is a great (if it is no other word with higher admiration) extension. Super easy to install, to setup and to use it. It is unbelievable how great and simple this extension is. Thank you guys. Amazing job.
byvrans99, October 9, 2011
Flexi Contact
I got it working in seconds. Super easy to use. Is great to have those extra fields available. And, also, you can setup a different recipients per menu item, that's fantastic. I had use a few more different contact forms before, and I can guarantee you that this is the best non-commercial contact form. Keep rocking!
Owner's reply

Many thanks to everyone for all the reviews. We don't always reply, but we do always appreciate them!

byvrans99, May 23, 2011
Virtuemart Bonus products
This is an excellent extension. I would recommended 1000%. I worked right out of the box and works like it is stated. And also better for me, because the bonus product can be with a price (like an activation or setup fee along with the service purchased). It is perfect. Thanks guys.
byvrans99, January 23, 2011
It works right out the box. The programmer has a couple of demos with the parameters on his website that helps a lot too.
With all the options (including your own ttf font) available with this module makes it one of the best.
byvrans99, October 22, 2010
It is incredible how easy to install, and how powerful this extension is.
The only problem I had was with the surrounding css and html. Something that you can work around to get a great final look of your modules. But I ended buying the Pro version and, and in a snap it was perfect. It is worth every single penny that I paid for it.
This guy should be nominated to the nobel of the ideas and realization. And the extension should be nominated as the best extension for Joomla (with no doubt).
Now I can play positioning different modules depending on the logged-in user and the language selected or even the browser's language. This is my new toy.
I have different menus with different configurations depending on the language chosen by the user. I don't have to translate the menus anymore. It is better to have different menus because of the different categories available for the languages.
Simple: It is one of the most useful extensions available.
Thanks a million.