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byvrodi, November 29, 2013
I dealed with EShop for some time until I have to give up due to the non-existent support. I opened a couple of topics on forums and waited for replies for days, not acceptable for ecommerce. The most problematic thing of EShop is the SKU handling, it doesn't work as in the real ecommerce world... I definitely not recommend it.
Owner's reply

First of all, thank you for purchasing and using our EShop extension on your site. The ONLY problem that you had are with 2 outstanding requirements with product SKU:

1. You asked a feature regarding the scan barcode based on SKU. I replied to you that EShop does not support this feature.

Your post and my reply here:

2. You suggested a feature to make product SKU as a number and as an auto increasement field. However, I explained to you that product SKU should include both of numbers and characters so this suggestion is not useful and I can not implement it.

Your post and my reply here:

I replied you immediately after receiving your posts. My answers were fair and clear. In the case you can not use EShop with above 2 features, I am happy to refund the money! But it was IN-CORRECT when you said: non-existent support. This is not the way that we works!

Thank you!

byvrodi, November 29, 2013
The most advanced security component. I feel secure on all sites I have RSFirewall installed. The scanners and reports are very well performed. The only missing thing is filter also other request types such as FILES, not only POST and GET... Thanks anyway, a good security system.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review.
Please note that RSFirewall! does incorporate checks for uploaded files ($_FILES) as well:
Please read the "Uploads" section.