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byvufinder, April 1, 2014
AcyMailing Starter
I've been using the free version of AcyMailing since Joomla! 1.x and am now on Joomla! 3.x. My newsletters are quite simple and infrequent and I find the workflow in this component so logical that I've never needed to refer to any documentation. It has worked flawlessly every time and is capable of producing quite elegant newsletters.
byvufinder, August 31, 2011
Art Timeline
The availability of self-hosted timeline software is very limited at present. I have seen criticism of Art Timeline for basing their work on Simile Widgets Timeline, one of the few other offerings, but Simile offer open source projects so, if Art's version really is based on it, what is wrong with taking a source freely provided by the community, but which is immensely complex to set up (I've tried, and failed), and turning it to something that a non-programmer can use with ease?

It lacks the richness of the full Simile project but it works and you don't need to be a code wizard to get a fairly sophisticated project up and running quickly.

If there is any formal documentation for Art Timeline it has eluded me so far, but most of the setup requirements are fairly obvious and, as others have already noted, the support via forums and e-mail is fast, efficient and, most importantly, very tolerant and helpful towards those of us who flounder a bit when faced with making tweaks to JavaScript, CSS or PHP. There is also a very responsive and encouraging attitude towards suggestions for new features or improvements.

Hosted feature-rich timelines are available in increasing numbers but most have limitations unless you are willing to pay regular subscriptions. If you prefer, or need, self-hosting and a power-hungry multi-media timeline is not required you must give Art Timeline serious consideration.