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OS Property
According to the rules for submitting a review keep in mind while reading this.. I am a total newbie on Joomla. My experience level with Joomla and web technologies is a starter. Installing was easy but configuring was a punishment for me. But Dam (OSProperty Service) was so kind to help me out. Unbelievable support and quick. I have never experienced this quickness and friendliness. Thumbs up!! After installation of the extension it was for a total newbie like me easy to use and not difficult at all. My purpose for this extension is to design a real estate website (duh!) for owners, brokers and real estate companies. As I am still busy to explore the extension and developing my website I haven't met any real pros nor cons. What I can say at this moment is that I am very happy with the possibilities of this extension. I sure recommend to give this extension a try. I am sure that Dam will do everything within his capabilities to make you a satisfied customer. I know I am!