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bywahoshi, September 4, 2014
After struggling with another well-known and cranky store for years, I finally found EShop! It was like finally finding a pair of shoes that fit!
The developer has made a seamless and intuitive extension and I recommend it to anybody, no matter how large their store.
When I needed a slight customization, Giang made a little change in a file, sent it to me and that was that. He is also happy to remote in and make corrections himself if you are not as code savvy as I am.
The price is right, the product is excellent and the support is stellar. Thanks for a great extension!
bywahoshi, November 16, 2013
I have used two applications from No-Number, Sourcer and Rereplacer.
In both cases, when I have had a small issue that needed to be addressed, in both cases due to my lack of understanding about the app, Peter's response was prompt and spot on, allowing me to get on with my work.
I recommend any of No-Number's apps. for service and performance!
bywahoshi, March 10, 2012
Lab5 Mobile Videos
Knowing that Flash is going away ( and it doesn't work with many mobile apps, anyway) I had been looking for a way to get Joomla video content into an iPhone or iPad. This module fit's the bill perfectly and the prompt service given by Dennis in ironing out some difficulties, makes the module the one for you, if you're looking to extend Joomla's native capabilities to an entire new audience. I have made a donation so Dennis can continue his work in other areas.
bywahoshi, June 16, 2010
Akeeba Backup
....the tech support is top-notch, too! After a while, dealing with joomla extensions, you come to expect a certain level of support and documentation. Many meet that standard, but, more fall far short. Nicholas and his crew not only meet the expectations, but, they elevate their tech support to an art form! I was having trouble getting Akeeba installed. It was my fault, but, the issue was kicked up the line until Nicholas, himself, went in a spent a total of 2 minutes ( if that)fixing the issue. If you want one of the best, if not THE best, backup utility for your site, get Akeeba. The component...and the tech support have no equal.