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bywaitz, May 4, 2013
jQuery Easy
I am no programmer, and I had some errors on the site that someone told me was because of jQuery conflicts and then tipped me about jQuery Easy.

The plugin lives up to its name - it was Easy, and worked out of the box 3 minutes after installation :-)
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for the review, it is much appreciated!

bywaitz, October 8, 2012
ARRA User Migrate
This is great. I needed to migrate users from one 2.5 site to another, and I had a few extra user groups from a MijoACL component.

And this was really easy and straight forward.

bywaitz, June 8, 2011
Super Links for ZOO
This is great. Makes me able to create custom links with predefined styling in Zoo, instead of e.g. the default itemlink, which is very useful!

You actually don't know how useful it is before you have it :-)
Owner's reply

Thanks for taking the time to make a Review. It is appreciated. If you have any ideas to enhance the Element, feel free to discuss them via a Ticket or Feedback form.

bywaitz, March 11, 2011
This is a very needed bridge between 2 excellent components, Zoo CCK and AcyMailing. I find Zoo an extremely versatile solution for creating content, without having to be a programmer, I am very happy with AcyMailing, so this bridge makes the best newsletter solution available.

The plugin also allows for different layouts, in the eays-to-make zoo-way.

I have tested it for 2 big newsletters already, and both plugin and support is excellent.
bywaitz, May 13, 2010
Zoo2 is beyond good - I have hardly words for it!! I have been using Zoo since the first release, but Zoo2 is just a giant leap. It is so versatile, and without being a programmer, it is so easy to create and present my site in all the different ways I want it to look like. I make page types for products, galleries, articles, write-ups, FAQ, downloads, testimonials - with drag and drop.

The price is nothing, compared to the application you get, and the support yootheme gives in their forum.

I was looking at alternative CCK's a while ago, but now there is nothing that matches Zoo2.
bywaitz, February 17, 2010
Modules Anywhere
I have dropped the core {loadposition} and use this instead! It is so much easier and pleasent to deal with.
bywaitz, February 17, 2010
Advanced Module Manager
This is a fantastic module. I can handle modules with this like a magician, and it should absolutely be part of Joomla core. Wake up, Joomla!
bywaitz, February 17, 2010
Contact Enhanced Component
I did a lot of research before I chose a contact component, and I am very happy with this choice.

The component is flexible and very easy to use, and I am amazed of the support Douglas is always providing. He is a rare giver, and he has more good extensions.
bywaitz, February 17, 2010
Ajax Contact
I have used this module for half a year, and it is just getting better and better.

The module is great, and Douglas provides outstanding support whenever there is anything. He is a rare giver, and he has more good extensions.
bywaitz, August 10, 2009
Captcha by Ideal
The plugin is great and very easy to use. I registered with, entered the keys in the plugin and use it together with the Contact Enhanced Component. Very good!
bywaitz, June 17, 2009
iFAQ (former MooFAQ)
The extension is very nice, and with clean code!
I asked for a customization of the component, and the support I received was outstanding. Both thumbs up!