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bywanttobe, October 8, 2013
Admiror Columnizer
Excellent, as i needed, work smoothly on my site.
Thanks a lot for you, you save my time and money :)
bywanttobe, June 20, 2012
Simple Spotlight
Excellent, every extension from this developer is ... (what should i say ...)
great and ...
thanks a lot
bywanttobe, March 30, 2011
Simple File Upload
Good and simple file upload module.
That's what it is and what it does.
but i need some component or module like this but for backend, so admin (who don't know how to use cpanel or FTP)can upload multiple image.
btw, i can't auto resize image with this module?
bywanttobe, March 16, 2011
i was looking for similar extensions before i found this one.
and i really like this one, work perfect, simple, have documentations.
if you don't mind, i have some note for this extensions, for main image i must resize it to fix with module size (image not automatically resizing), i'm using joomla 1.5.22

note: i'm sorry if my english language not good :(