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bywarith, July 26, 2009
This component is excellent. The only thing we would have liked to have seen was the ability to customize the email subject or make it hidden. Installs perfectly and even stores contacts in database if admin chooses. ***Excellent***
bywarith, November 29, 2008
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Core Design Access Text
These dishonest developers have a J1.5 plugin that is 100% non functional. Version 1.0.0 Then they require you to pay a monthly fee to get the working copy of 1.0.1 version. The instructions on their website are for the paid version of 1.0.1 and not the 1.0.0 Completely different syntax. Dishonest developers likes these gives us all a bad name. Avoid this pluigin. These losers should have just been honest and listed it as commercial.