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bywaseemhussain, December 27, 2010
RAXO All-mode PRO
This module is a true gem.
If you are looking for a flexible and stylish module that can display your content-artciles in an eye catching manner then
this is the module you are looking for.

If you are a webdeveloper then this module is a must. Things like these should be standard in Joomla.

Yes, it costs money, but those few dollars pay their value in full and more,

I was browing the extensions looking for different modules to suit my needs for popular items, latest items etc. and then I came across this module. The descrription seemed very promising, and it wasn't too expensive, so I decided to give it a go, thinking that even if it could provide half of the advertised then it would be a decent buy.

But this is way more than just a decent buy. It is simpyl amazing.
It is a well thought out, well structure and beautifully desgined module that can give eye-catching life to your site.
It fully delivers all the promised features and is capabable of much more than that.

It is evident that the designers paid a lot attention to customers with little or no programming skills. The module itself is beautifully designed with three stylish and clear layout-styles, and if they don't suit your needs then they have even provided additional templates.
If you still need editing for the layout, but you don't have the programming skills then the developers have written tutorials for you on the forums. All in an easy to understand step-by-step guide.

If you have a fair amount of css-knowledge then you will be delighted to see that the coding is well thought out and well structured. It is very easy to edit, and making new layouts is straight-forward (they provide tutorials). With a little css-skill then this module will make your site really eye-catching.
It even integrates and works perfectly with other extensions such as tabber and slider.

And if you can't figure the editing out, then just ask in their support-forum. Their support is friendly and quick and they provide help on all sorts of levels. They even take a look at your website to solve your issues.

I was even given assistance with some custom php-coding I needed in the module! That's good customer care, and deserves a review.

And why does this module only show in this category here? It deserves representation in all areas where it can be used (and they are many).

I do wish the develeopers of this module would make other as well thought out extensions as well.....