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bywasexton, July 24, 2007
This is an excellent forms component for Joomla. I am giving it a "good" rating only because it does require some technical expertise in order to use. This is not the type of component that you can turn over to an end user to create forms, but it DOES make it very easy to convert an existing website to Joomla by makeing the forms porting as easy as copying the html from the old site into the ChronoForm component.

Other than the technical requirements, this form would get Excellent. It is, however, just as advertised and a fantastic tool in a Joomla webmaster's belt.
Owner's reply

Because we made ChronoForms VERY flexible, it does simply EVERYTHING, No other forms extension can do what ChronoForms can do, and so there should be too few technical issues, however you never get lost with the every minute support at our forums and the regular updates.