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Event Booking
I have seriously gone through most of the other tools, and also paid exorbitant amounts for non-Joomla solutions. We've been using Event Booking for registration for a Conference of 800 and seminars of 20 for about a year now and it's been solid, EASY to understand for the non-tech folks who are running it. Highly recommended.
bywbaccus, August 4, 2013
AcyMailing Starter
I've spent 10 years developing iterations of websites for a school and the newsletter component is one of the most important. Unlike a lot of folks, I'm not necessarily concerned with getting as many visitors as possible, at least where parents are concerned. I want to feed them information as much as possible.

Having previously used another component for mail, I was blown away when I switched to AcyMailing several years ago. Everything this other component got wrong, AcyMailing got completely right.

It's user-friendly and powerful. I'm an Enterprise version customer and have had nothing but good experiences with the app and with the company. Their support forums are really useful when you get stumped trying to customize something.

Highly recommended.
bywbaccus, April 15, 2013
JSN PowerAdmin
If you have a site with lots and lots of modules, this is invaluable.

The built-in Joomla method of ordering modules is maddening. This component is how Joomla itself should work.
DT Register
The developer is very active, which for a while was a bad thing when I had to keep reconfiguring modules after updates, but the process is getting smoother and smoother.

I need to allow parents to RSVP for luncheons, and optionally buy lunches, I need parents to register for seminars, etc. DT Register is perfect for that.

I have had some parents have issues with other form tools on our Joomla site, but DT Register has been very solid.

Its only flaw is that it could use some improved layouts, and graphics, but in terms of functionality, it's great.
bywbaccus, July 6, 2010
DPCalendar Lite
My client really wanted to use Google Calendar on a new Joomla site and I was excited to find this extension which looked to do a good job rendering the calendar, plus it has the module for displaying events, a major requirement.

The only problem was that I could not get it to work reliably. It would not display the 2 calendars from Google that I needed to display on the site. The modules would work sometimes and then not work other times.

I paid the $50 for the paid support, but unfortunately, that was a waste of time, after the developer logged into the site, I received no feedback from him. Disappointing. Back to JCal for me.