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bywbhendrix, February 1, 2012
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Multi Sites
I purchased this product in hopes that I could manager 3 websites on the sample template and share jomsocial and a few other components.
My attempt to make this happen became a quick nightmare right away. To avoid breaking something without being able to fix it, I hired a professional web designer and programer and asked if he could do this work for me.
He said sure and a few days later he reported that the component was giving him many issues right from the start. He had to manually go in and "hack" the component to get it to work my website the correct way.
This continued for weeks and for about 2 months the site never worked correctly. Maybe this would have been easier had we stated with multi sites but from our experience, multi sites with 1 existing site is just not possible.

Eventually we had to throw away the component, TRY and fix the site (not an easy task once things have been hacked and reprogrammed to try and get this lousy component to work).

The support was terrible. I know the owner cannot answer every little question thrown his way but a bone once in a while would be nice when you're buying such an expensive component for a hobby website. Instead he refuses to answer any questions unless we pay him the $99 for 1 hour of support.

My site now has bugs and issues we are still sorting through trying to get it back to normal.. who knows, maybe we'll have to remake the whole website (i jump for joy at this thought).

I did not expect a full refund after the product failed but I did ask the owner if he'd be willing to give us at least a percentage back since the component never worked as advertised and we wasted months trying to get it to work... his reply was no surprise.... No can do.

Lost money in the component, labor and time. Now back to square one.