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bywcbenyip, November 23, 2010
DPCalendar Lite
This is a great component that let you integrate your existing google calenders into your joomla site. It fits for my requirement as I need a calender with event list function for multiple calenders, and I can combine the different calenders from different contributors, the workload could be distributed as well~

If you are a google fans and wanna to let others to input their events in their own calender, this one is the best!! But in case you want to have more flexible control and keep the calender details in your own site, then I think you should select JEvents.
I am using the Joomlastat on 2 sites and recently just migrated to J4age, in which the migration is quite smooth and the j4age component has excellent functionality (a new feature to purge the old stat. data to compact the db size) and nice look & feel~

It can definitely help everyone who need a good back-end statistics collector for visitors!! I highly recommend this one and it should be one of the Must-have component for joomla site~

However, I have to express my disappointment for the lack of visitors' counter like the one in joomlastat.... this counter is really really simple and MUST HAVE for the joomla website in front-end!!! Otherwise, how can we know and show the total no. of visitors (with today/yesterday visit no.)? Even there are rich of info. collected in back-end, the basic no. to show in front-end is a MUST. Please help to make a separate module for this like the joomlastat did!! Thanks~
Owner's reply

the modules are already available, just have another look on the download page.

bywcbenyip, October 15, 2010
I decided to write some review comment after testing some of the audio plug-in...

This handy plug-in is what you need to play the mp3 file on your website with good looking, easy to configure behavior! US$3 is worth to pay for such wonderful plug-in~

Heard that the later version would allow the visitors to download the mp3 file, what are you waiting for if you need a plug-in to play mp3 files?
Owner's reply

Thank you for donating.

That is correct, due to popular requests we listened and Marco kindly decided take the lead and developed an option to allow site visitors to download mp3 files if desired. We are just testing this feature just now. Hopefully will the new version out next week.