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bywdburgdorf, July 19, 2012
Accordion FAQ
I was looking for a simple faq extension, since I needed no categories or other cool features that other extensions might have. It should be easy to use, reasonably flexible, and easy to edit by the client.
Accordion FAQ was just right for the task.

Initially I had a problem that turned out to be due to me not reading the manual properly. Fixed it with a hint I found in the extension forum, and a very quick response from the author.

Not really a FAQ-specific extension, but a general pourpose accordion that could be used for many other things as well.
bywdburgdorf, January 11, 2011
I just wonder why VM doesn't provide a useful menu list right away. With this module I *finally* got a usable category menu.
Only thing missing is folding sub-categories. Can be fixed with a bit of css, but would be nice if it was right there, ideally as an option.
Thank you!