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byweb.dude, November 11, 2013
Google Analytics Dashboard
I tried several months ago, and as I am a one man shop I had to postpone trying for a while. It was important to LOGOUT of my personal Google account to make everything work properly and once I did that, and clear my browser cache, things seemed to install better. One point -- uninstall the module if you have it loaded already. Made all the difference.

Once that was done (above), I was thrilled to see readable data right in front of me on my one web admin page.

Thanks Deconf!!
byweb.dude, November 11, 2013
All Weblinks
I wish I had implemented on my own site (and shall later). I wanted something less generic for my volunteer site and this app takes care of it!

There are so few options in this category and how nice that the one that stands out is FREE!

Thanks developer!
byweb.dude, November 9, 2013
I wasted 16 hours on a different product and happened upon iCagenda by chance, whereas I missed it before my 16 hour ordeal.

Out of the box the free app is incredible and just SO EASY to use.

Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your review!
And working every day to make iCagenda more and more easy. And users feedback is very helpful! ;-)

byweb.dude, January 18, 2013
I built a site using the business edition but it lacked a FREE shipping coupon so I was instructed to buy AWOCoupon and that seemed to work. Overall, I got the impression that the site was a mishmash of code from different programmers held loosely together by old telephone string -- formerly used to connect two tin cans.

It did do very well in the Zone arena, where you may not be able to ship a certain product to just 3 of the 50 states but it was quite slow and cumbersome with the variations a product may have.

Nicolas does do a good job at answering questions on the forum but the forum is a hodgepodge of answers that need to be linked or categorized better. It's bad enough that the forum search is limited to 20 characters. I've never seen a search string limitation so harsh.

As I have tried 4 carts so far, this is not the one that is so open that you can just install and see results as you built. It requires patience. If you have it, this extension is for you.
Owner's reply


Thank yo for your comment.

The forum categorization is indeed unpractical since it was firstly made two years ago when we launched and that we now have more than 80000 posts on it. I agree that it would be great to redo the categorization at some point. It's on our todo list, along with a new website for 2013.

The search of the forum allows for more than 20 characters.
Here is an example:

Concerning the speed of setting up a web shop with HikaShop, I must say that it can greatly vary based on what you want to do. We have a beginner tutorial on our documentation which allows you to sell your first product in less than 10 minutes. But if you want to personalize everything, it can indeed take a lot of time, especially if it's your first use.

Best regards,

byweb.dude, December 29, 2012
Minitek FAQ Book Pro
Don't get me wrong. I do love this FAQ module but the PRO version ISN'T for the untrained in SQL. You have to be able to change the existing table structure and copy the data to the new PRO table then uninstall the basic.

Normally I see upgrades from basic to PRO where the app modifies the structure for you and then extends the basic app. This one does not.

The fact that you pay a FEE and still have to work means that you better think twice about going PRO. Sure, I have my regrets for the costs versus the amount of work but it still is a much better product than the other FAQs out there.

Stick with the BASIC or start with the PRO.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review,

We will try to make the upgrade from the free version as smooth as possible in next updates.

byweb.dude, September 24, 2012
Improved AJAX Login & Register
I did the cheap b-tard routine. I saw this first and wasn't sure about spending the money. Tried one that really s-kd and the next one wasn't so bad but just didn't give me the options.

What a wonderful app to use! If you're going to spend a little money on some of these great apps, this is one of the better ones.

HOT Login
I had just tried another login and it didn't work but this one, easy and apple pie! Thank you for a cool little login!
BT Login
I suppose I should just pay my $15 to someone who seems to have a decently working product. I have tried all the support suggestions and it didn't work. I am sorry to report that telling users to change a file from 644 to 755 when AdminTools fix permissions will always correct it to protect the site, and AdminTools is more widely known this this little ditty, then no matter how much you blast me, I still cannot get the app to work.

Maybe next time.

PS--if you're gonna judge me for my posts, note how many I have. Of the others whom post positively or negatively you must ask how many posts do they actually make. Are they users (lots) or abusers (few). :)
Owner's reply

We have to run ajax.php file not through index.php of joomla for ajax login & registration processes! So some website won't work properly with this feature! But in the new version of BT Login, we completely removed ajax.php & all ajax requests will call directly to index.php! And you do not change any permissions of any files!
Hope you will try it again!
Thank you!

byweb.dude, September 3, 2012
jQuery Easy
You've added this because some rogue app isn't playing nice with others and another vendor suggests this plugin. It's nice and easy to administer but it does take some research if you are still having issues. Don't forget to look at your template, especially if you have one of those pre-configured ones and turn off the jQuery from the template -- just like this app tells ya...

Thanks for helping my site act normal!
Owner's reply

Yes, the plugin cannot fix every single issue from the start go, it takes preparation work in order to sort out the nightmare some people face sometimes. And there are twisted issues people come to me with! The plugin is constantly updated to try and resolve more problems as they arise.
Thank you for this review, it is well appreciated.

Admin Tools Professional
I'm still having issues with one hosting company saying that my site isn't as safe as they think it could be but it's nice to know that with AdminTools Pro, it's better than the core system.
JSN PowerAdmin
I have long used JoomlaShine templates and was thrilled when they offered a back-end admin template. Really cool that they offered their work for free and if you decide to try one of their templates, go for the developer version. I frequently reuse the core template for my clients. Anyway, the admin app stays put on the top of the screen so you can access the menu quickly and easily!

Thanks JS!
byweb.dude, September 3, 2012
Love this little plug-in. Simple and easy. Just set and don't worry (until something bad happens). Thanks for a great app!
This is a great tool for any site and worth the Pro if you don't mind paying but it does take an assistant rocket scientist to figure some stuff out. Once you do, it's really cool the things you can do!
Owner's reply

Hi Web.Dude – yes, configuring MetaMod to do what you want can range from the extremely simple to the fiendishly complex. In a way, that's part of the beauty of it. Not that you want it to be complex, but that with enough effort it has very few limits, and can place modules on your site according to just about anything.

If there's something that you were struggling with, that didn't appear in the documentation, forum help or "recipe" pages, please get in contact via the site, and I'll do my best to add it. Because of the sheer scale of things that you can do with MetaMod, it's hard to prioritise which should be documented, so we rely on feedback to know what else to add.

Thanks, Stephen.

byweb.dude, August 17, 2012
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Because of the great reviews of VM for 2.5 I was misled into thinking this was the product for my client. The core is FREE but all the little attachments aren't and there are no guarantees that VM + your commercial add on are going to work, let alone do what you expect.

So there I was trying to get the system to work and it didn't. Much of the comments in the forums suggest that pre-2.5 VM really worked well and easily. Not any longer.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your comments, I would like to say that VM2 works quite well as a product for most people who want to download it and use it as is, however when you start adding third party products and customisation, one would hope that everything goes smoothly, but as it seems in your experience, it did not. Might I suggest it is rather unfair to blame Virtuemart for third party developers work, whilst we work closely with developers who build extra features for Virtuemart, how can you blame Virtuemart for every third party mistake? The forums are vibrant with people eager to help, as I am sure the developers of the product you purchased.

Surely if you have a client and are using a free product, some of the clients fees must go towards developing Virtuemart for that clients uses, if you were expecting a product to be exactly what your client wants straight out of the box, that is an interesting suggestion, or even the holy grail of shopping carts.

This is a plug in one will either use a lot for tech support, or occasionally and turn on the plugin when necessary, which is my case. I find it truly ingenious that someone can proxy another user simply by entering the Troubled-UserId and the Admin-Password (the steps that should have been in the install script). Great tool!
byweb.dude, August 15, 2012
ACL Manager
I really need it for just one project but it really helps to limit what a middle tier support person has access to. This tool is easy to work with and understand and the developer needs several kudos for a job well-done. Thanks!
Art Adminer
When one normally has to log in to his provider, select the multiple layers of menu options, and then enter the database password, it becomes a nightmare to administer the backend. THANK YOU developer for producing a well programmed piece of art and giving it away. You've made my job easier for backend replacing (where the component maker didn't figure I needed to change a mass list of prices).
byweb.dude, August 15, 2012
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Thanks for providing a much needed extension, which was missed in the core project team's assignment list.
byweb.dude, July 20, 2012
I found I needed this after one vendor implemented it in their demo site and kinda misled this buyer but at least DJ slider works and is downright FREE.

Though I didn't seek support, I found no easy way to implement the parent category to make say: featured with subs cakes, brownies, customs and then just make a module for "featured". If there's nothing in "featured" it ain't showing up...even if you have subfolders. That was weird.

Also, the width of the slider isn't relative to pixels you want to present in so it will take some tweaking.

Otherwise, I love it! Thanks!
byweb.dude, May 29, 2012
I was fully prepared to go with my tried and true until I saw this breakdown of FREE and everything else. Made it seem impossible so I tried MultiTrans and talk about EASY! Very happy I gave it a try! Thanks developer!
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