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bywebcatsolutions, August 30, 2013
Akeeba Backup
I've been using Akeeba Backup for years now (first the free version and now to paid one as a form of support for this great tool).

Anyone running a Joomla! site should definatiely consider using this.

It's is very user friendly (also for non-tech people), it gets updated regularly without problems. You can create backups in no time and can use those to restore the site in case of problems without hassle. You can use it to move your website from one host to another without any fuzz.

This extension makes it easy to get non technical users to backup the website on a regular basis.
bywebcatsolutions, July 2, 2013
This is one of those Joomla! extensions that can save your life if you wish to include fancy mosaics (or other layouts) based on Joomla! articles, ZOO items, or your own custom content.

Big advantage is that it's easy to use so clients without much CMS experience are quickly able to work with it. Custom overrides work like a charm as well. You can control detailed settings per item like image, title, link, description and tags. I've used it several times now and never experienced any problems. Your site might slow down a bit if you include immense amounts of items in rocksprocket, but if you use it for smaller blocks of content then you can make your old-style website fancy within 5 minutes.
Alter Articles
After reading the information on this plugin I wasn't too sure if this would actually add extra fields to the back-end article edit view. I took a shot at buying this extension without asking, and I must say: I'm so impressed! It does add the extra fields to the article edit layout with field options as well :-).

You can select which type of fields you want to show on which article categories, and in the article edit layout you can override this for the specific articles.

This extension makes it very easy for even non-Joomla-experienced users to add galleries (multiple layout options), attachments, specific related articles (you can select yourself which articles are considered related articles!) and maps to any article.

No need to install a K2 or ZOO and build template overrides for those components if you only need these extra features on an article.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your opinion! We will add screenshots of backend article edit page soon, so it will be possible to see plugin settings before purchase.

bywebcatsolutions, April 22, 2013
Advanced Module Manager
I've been using the free version for a couple of years and then decided to get the pro version (as a matter of support). The pro version is even greater than the free one. I recommend every one using Zoo, K2 or Virtuemart to get the pro version. It add stremendous filtering features for your Joomla modules (the free version a litte les but also a lot!). I use the color options for my clients to make their lives easier regarding what module belongs to which group and which module cannot be touched without advanced skills. It works better to have a visual color along the module note than just the text note. Very useful! Nowadays I even get annoyed when working on a site that doen't have the Advanced Module Manager installed :-D.
bywebcatsolutions, August 20, 2012
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Yireo SSL Redirection
This is absolutely a very very good plugin! The parameters of the plugin are clear and easy to set up. This plugin is not only easy to set up but it also works :-).
You can specify which components/urls should be forced to use https and which ones should not. An absolutely time saver (!) and perfect for people who do not want to mess around in the htaccess file.
bywebcatsolutions, July 29, 2012
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I started using ZOO two years ago as a paid user. The product is now made responsive which for me is just what I needed!

The product is easy to install, and the looks of it are clean.
There is a lot of documentation but the support is unfortunately not the best. It might be temporarily due to lack of enough employees but you would expect more since it costs quite some money each year.

If you don't need to create new fieldtypes and are comfortable with css then you probably won't need support very much anyway as the product is pretty straight forward.

The only negative thing I came across with the product itself is that sometimes with a new version update you have to set up all the layouts again (it would be great if this could be automated in some way) otherwise you end up with empty pages on your site.
Therefore you have to put your site offline for at least an hour, plus make screenshots of all layouts before you update the product. So keep in mind to document you app well. If you do that then ZOO is an excellent product to work with and easy to understand for end-users.
I've been using ZOO Filter for more than a year now and so far I've been very happy with both the product and the support. As a webdesigner I used ZOO a lot but sometimes you just need that little extra when it comes to filtering and searching on the front-end.

Even though there is little information on the site itself (it made me hesitate to buy the product at first) the documentation is clear.
The support you get is superb. They even added new features on request.

If you follow the documentation you can easily add extensive filter/search methods to your ZOO site. You can set search filters on all kinds of fields which makes it a perfect tool for product catalogues or recipe sites.

Because you can filter on any field you want with ZOOFilter, you don't have to put all the filterable fields in the ZOO Category field anylonger.
This also makes your life as a webmaster easier when adding new ZOO items via the back-end (no longer scrolling in that long list of categories for selecting all items in different subcategories!).

I can personally recommend this extension to any ZOO user.
bywebcatsolutions, September 23, 2011
RSform Pro
I have been using RSForm Pro for almost a year now and it is absolutely the best form tool I've come across so far.

It is definately worth the money.

It's easy to learn how to get around in the user interface. For more advanced users it also offers the possibility to use javascript for additional checks.
The documentation is good and the support you get on personal tickets is absolutely perfect. Very willing to help out.

I even noticed that the product gets updated based on previous questions: things that were not possible before (very few things are not possible with this tool by the way) are implemented after a short while.