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bywebdoc46, November 1, 2009
JCK Editor
I was looking for a complete editor, easy to use, easy for the rest of my staff to use, no additional plugins needed. I find it works as well as offline word processors, does not add excessive HTML markup, and does not cut out code when I edit the HTML. Unlike someone below, I found no problem with using or resizing images. I can do so much more with text than with the Tiny MCE editor. Now our articles look great!
Owner's reply

Thanks for your support and I am delighted to hear that! Take care.

bywebdoc46, November 1, 2009
Profile Pro for Community Builder
The only reason I can see that anyone would have any problem installing or using this is that they did not view all the video tutorials and did not read all the written tutorials. If you can't figure out how to make a template, you can even download 3 templates, either use them as is, modify them, or look at the HTML code to make your own.

First, installation:
View the video on installing! You have to unzip the downloaded file on your computer, then upload and install several files separately. Also, you have to make sure they are published. (I missed one at first, so had a problem until I viewed the installation tutorial again, and found the unpublished plugin.) One file is installed through CB Plugins, and the others are installed through the regular Joomla module/plugin installer. If you do exactly what he says, you can install it.

Second, multiple profiles
It substitutes one or more customizable profiles for the CB profile. The profile is customizable because it is an article with CB fields in it. Anything you can do with an article, you can do on the profile page.

In my site, some users want their profiles seen by the public, and others do not. I created one profile with no fields on it, and the words "there is no information available for this person at this time" and saved it as Profile 2 for prople who don't want their informaiton displayed. They just choose this profile when they edit their user info.

Third, templates
If you want to use one of his templates, you copy and paste it into the article. You will have to substitute the names of your CB fields for the placeholders he uses, which aren't hard to figure out (something like your_user_name). But this extension lets you click on a button, pop up a list of CB fields, click on the proper one, and insert it. How hard is that?

Fourth, tabs
Look at the video but ALSO read the information about tabs. There is updated written information, so although the video says something about unpublishing the tabs, the written part of the tutorial tells you to change them to not_on_user_profile instead. This is the only conflicting information I saw.

Fifth, user forum
Note that everything is answered, including a very long answer that involved the difference between tabs and fields in CB for someone who didn't quite get the difference. Also note that there aren't a whole lot of questions. This is because this is easy to use.

I can't wait for a version that does this for the other tabs.
bywebdoc46, January 22, 2008
I haven't tried the upload part of this (already did that the hard way through MySQL), but was looking for a way to download the whole database. Clicked on the download choice, and it did it immediately, and put it straight into Excel. No having to open the file and import into Excel. We have almost 1000 members and I was impressed by the speed.