The Joomla! Extensions Directory ™


bywebgobe, January 24, 2013
Thank you! It's the tool we (developers of Joomla add-ons) needed! One small annoyance - might be my problem only - I use to pack my components along with their own directory (plg_something/ for example). Of course, there, in the root of the package I not put any index.html file, but the component complaints about. I know, I simply ignore that, but that might be a misleading message.
bywebgobe, April 11, 2012
I'm generally reluctant to try out commercial components. As a developer present in JED I am convinced, that there are other ways to make profit upon your work, like by selling it. But, this rule of mine - as any rules - are there to be broken sometimes. I tried all the available free alternatives wen I rebuilt my Joomla tips site, none worked properly. Then decided to give this plugin a chance, and bought it. I can tell you, worth every penny! I use now on most of sites I build - and I build a couple of them LOL - and I recommend it to everyone needing the functionality. A single problem I had with - and solved it with an one-line hack - I wanted to publish only new articles. But you don't need to do the same - the developer seemingly will include the option in the new release.