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bywebgyrl, March 7, 2012
After trying to get Joomla Page Navigation for 2.5 to work and failing, I came across this plugin which does the job.

The only downsides to this plugin are 2.

1. I am not able to set Previous and Next "pre-text", I can only set one word to fit both. This has drawbacks if a series of articles flows like chapters. It would be nice to select "Next" for next "chapter" and "Previous" for the previous chapter.

2. Styling the plugin is difficult. I tried to apply CSS styling as provided by the developer in the joomla.css and template.css files but the styling fails to show. It would be great to have an English guide on how to apply CSS styling. Could very well be that I am using it in the wrong place, but after looking with Firebug and applying the CSS provided by the developer here in the reviews section it still does not work. I tried to find a forum for support but I can't read German to find the forum.

At any rate, it serves the purpose I need in a basic form and I am glad to have found this component!
Owner's reply

Many thanks for your suggestions. I will put separate pre-texts in the next version and try to release it over the weekend.

I will also write some documentation regarding the css styling of the links. The page navigation has changed from Joomla 1.5 to 2.5 so the css styling described for 1.5 does not work in 2.5. For 2.5 put your styling in the classes

ul.pagenav li.pagenav-prev { ... }
ul.pagenav li.pagenav-next { ... }

JEXTN Testimonial
I used this extension for a school site that wanted testimonials to be displayed and out of the box it worked great. I had a few issues with having to customize the CSS for the way text was displayed and got immediate help in the forums. The team that develops this really is on top of customer service and I was really thrilled!
bywebgyrl, July 5, 2007
Simple Image Gallery
I am using the PRO version of this Mambot and I have to say, after searching and trying about 5 different galleries (all had conflicts with other components/modules/mambots!) this one works and is very slick looking. Took me no time at all to install, configure and get a very sleek looking gallery! Kudos and thanks!