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bywebmasterjp, June 22, 2012
kCache Improved
Installed without problems and is a good alternative to built-in Joomla cache. With this extension and other optimization options, I was able to reduce page load times significantly.
Thank you!
bywebmasterjp, February 6, 2012
DT Register
After auditioning several events extensions, I chose DT Register. I ran in to many issues when implementing the extension, mainly functionality and needed guidance in correcting the problems.
I placed support tickets for my issues and the pattern seemed to be that the "easy" ones were answered (selecting-deselecting feature buttons for example) and the others that apparently required a bit more on their part were not.
Based on what I have read here in the review section, any negative responses in this area are immediately answered and defended somehow, so maybe these comments will get someone's attention.
I've since abandoned DT Register in favor on another extension that so far has had great support and even though it isn't everything "out of the box" as is true with DT Register, I am able to implement it more smoothly that the DT Register product.
Owner's reply

This user had 4 support issues. Three of them were responded to the same day and dealt with. ONE of them fell through the cracks and did not get answered. It was certainly not intentional. A 1-star for this does not seem fair at all. We have contacted the user and are trying to resolve the remaining issue for them.

bywebmasterjp, December 6, 2011
I tried several other menus and this one worked instantly. The CSS was clear and easy to manipulate to suit my own design. Looks great and the drop downs work great as well.
Thanks to the developer for making a easy to use product for Joomla.