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bywebnorge, October 21, 2014
JS Flexslider
I have used several slideshows over the years, and was looking for a new one for a Joomal 3.3 responive site. JS Flexslider is perfect. Easy to configure from the module. Love it :-)
bywebnorge, August 25, 2014
Map Locations
I needed a map showing a lot of houses for sale in one map, and after trying several extensions my choice was this one. Very easy to set up, no need for support :-)
bywebnorge, August 25, 2014
DM Maps for K2
I bought this extension and had problems with coordinates from K2 extra fields. The #ID's was in wrong order.
Quirky Fox Labs solved this by updating the extension. Super support :-)
bywebnorge, December 1, 2012
I never Install a Joomla without this component. It generates very clean html code and is very accurate. Right clik on every element. Drag and drop. Works in all browsers. Configurable.

There is no better editor if you buy the super plugins 'Image manager extended' and 'Media plugin'. This allows you to batch upload images, rezising on the fly, and creating tubnails too. Only ting i wish for is auto-renaming images to awoyd spaces end spesial charaters.
bywebnorge, December 1, 2012
Visual Calendar
This component and module does exactly what I expected. It shows a calendar marking occupied days.
Easy to style and translate, to fit your webpage. Its the prettiest calendar I have discovered, and that matters for the webpage design.

The backend is very simple. Just click start and end date. Thats it. Perfect for my customers.
bywebnorge, December 1, 2012
Responsive WS-Flexslider
This is the best slideshow module I ever have tried. Very pleased and gladly paying $15 for this.
Set up at a glance, configured in one minute. The way modules should be.
bywebnorge, April 28, 2009
Very Simple Image Gallery
After 2 days learing to install Joomla and making my first complete site, I needed an image gallery.
I went for Very Simple Image Gallery, and I was amazed who effective this litle plugin was. It was just what I needed and Easy to config. Ok than; thanks to the step by step documentation.