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bywebservant, November 25, 2010
Qlue Accordion
This lets you put a selected category list of articles into a module (as opposed to into an article); the module expands and contracts with mootools effects. The module can be places where you would like according to normal Joomla module placment.

Installed easily, did what it said so no complaints in this. There is however no backend control of fonts, font sizing for the administrator so I thought this could be an area of improvement.

But after reviewing several modules and options this is the one that was the best for placing an "ARTICLE CATEGORY LIST INTO A MODULE POSITION WITH MOOTOOL EFFECTS"
Owner's reply

Hi webservant,

I aim to keep my extensions as simple and efficent as possible. Using css to style the font and font sizes is the most efficent way to do this.

For this reason alone i have not added this option into the extension.


bywebservant, May 25, 2010
Art Clock
The product is great, does what it says and is laid out well. It will support about 6 clocks all on different times. I didn't need any manuals or information to set up; it is all that easy!

The only small problem and improvement needed is that there is no way to centre a clock in a module - even being able to give it an offset would be good. So it is that the clock is left aligned on my module; would have been much better centred but I have to give it the best rating in any event.

Kind Regards
I have spent about three months getting a Virtuemart site up from stratch. I knew nothing about it before that so there is a learning curve. My site is almost ready to go up so I feel now qualified to make some comment.

The first is that Joomla and Virtuemart are a wonderful and powerful combination. It is possible to make them work essentially seemlessly together and this overcomes many of the limitations of the other systems. There seems to be no limits of extensions available, so it would seem to be able to do whatever you have a mind to do.

On top of this, Virtuemart has more than enough optons and configeration possiblites (I would think)to handle most shop needs. They have in planning a Virtuemart 2.0 but I do not know the specifications for this and I wonder what more it could offer, given that Virtumart 1.1.3 seems to do all I need.

So Joomla Virtuemart is my pick - except for one thing. The current version of Virtuemart is essentially inoperable. Having been extensively in the forums, what they do not tell you on their front page is this.

1. They acknowledge that the current version is buggy. I alone have run into several; I get the feeling that the issue is quality control, not the capactity of the development team.

To counter this, they are planning a new update called RC 1.1.4 and this has been promised for a number of months but we are still waiting the release.

2. One of the major bugs (acknowledged by Virtuemart) is that it works poorly on Internet Explorer Version