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bywebsitedons, August 31, 2014
Mosets Tree
Earlier version of Mosets Tree was quite limited as far as multi usage. Now he has done an excellent upgrade and it does just about everything!

Here are some of the flexible uses
* Directory listing
* Classifieds listing with time limitation to expire a listing
* Singles Dating listing
* Product or service review
* Model listing
* Complaints (like ripoffreport)
* Portfolio listing
* Realtor listing with map

...and all within the same website, thanks to the content construction kit to create different fields per category. Each category can have a different template and menu item.

Easy template duplication and built-in template file editor.

Unlimited categories with cross category listing ability

For a very low price, compared to similar products, this just an overall great piece of software that can make a website very useful to visitors and profitable for the owner.
bywebsitedons, July 1, 2014
Since the loss of PollXT, a superb polling extension for J1.5, the need for a flexible poll for J2.5 - 3 was lingering. Even started the process of updating PollXT but could not dedicate the time.

After much tests with JVote free version, it was so impressive and satisfactory that it is now used by the poll dedicated site at The nominal price is certainly affordable by anyone serious about a business website.

- Very flexible template system that allows different styling per poll
- Very good reporting system
- Great option settings that gives total control on display
- Each poll can have individual option settings
- Total control over BB Codes to create your own or remove existing

A few minor Cons
- Does not conform to Joomla global time config
- Styled with font families. Extensions should adapt the template's font family

An overall great tool!
bywebsitedons, November 7, 2013
Advanced Module Manager
It's almost as if Joomla would be dysfunctional without this extension. Very powerful and flexible tool. Great work, great concept.
bywebsitedons, October 2, 2013
Simple Mobile Detection
This plugin is ideal for mobile template switching and the simple method for allowing the viewer to switch between desktop and mobile mode is superb. The only option needed was to set to development mode during construction of a mobile device template. I added that function which is a simple field to add an IP address which then allows only the developer to see the template. The method is posted at the developer's website forum.
bywebsitedons, November 26, 2012
I foresee redShop becoming the primary solution for Joomla shopping cart system. Sure it has growing pains just like so many other applications (If you have been working with VM since inception then you'll understand and the latest VM will cause nervous breakdown:-() and from appearances, the redShop dev team are committed to making it perfect.

The Notable Pros (Because they are so many)
Super flexible and scalable with its excellent smarty-like template system and custom fields which are easily edited right within the administration. Great that different templates can be assigned per item, per category.

The Attribute system is supreme and idiot proof (debatable) and further extends the flexibility.

Can function simultaneously as Catalog and Cart where VM is one or the other.

These guys get it when it comes to online shopping cart. So much flexibility I thought I was using a Magento enterprise system!

The Cons
Lacking 'perfect' documentation so a lot of logical figuring and Googling has to be done, but the same can be said for numerous components. Documentation or technical writing takes lots of time and usually requires totally separate staffing to do that accurately. Give it some time. I would rather the developers spend the time perfecting the functions and let Packt Publishing and other such services develop a manual.

Keep doing what you do redTeam! Your innovations are dynamic and well appreciated.