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bywebsiteondemand, August 17, 2011
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Account Expiration Control
I've used AEC for a while now in paid membership sites, and it's always worked great. It installs and functions well without a lot of tinkering. The selection of payment processors it supports is terrific.

HOWEVER I absolutely DO NOT agree the developers requiring users to have an active subscription in order to access the user manual.

I have never before purchased a product and been required to pay again later in order to access the manual for it. As a business owner myself, I think it's horrible business practice, and I encourage the developers to offer a downloadable PDF version of the manual for customers OR make the user manual open to the public.
Owner's reply

I've had a very interesting discussion with this reviewer (he contacted me the same time he filled in this review).

The bottom line for me is this: At Valanx, we offer a business service with commercial GPL software. There are some concessions that we have to make in order to afford to run our own business and the way we structure our support material is one of them.

We used to have a print-out manual a while ago and we still have problems because of that one pdf - as people somehow use it with our current software and end up messing up their system. That's a business risk for both sides and we don't want to make the same mistake again.

To conclude: We already offer our software at a very low price and we consider the price for getting access to our manual as very affordable and sensible. Nevertheless, because we value the input of our users, we will reconsider our pricing to make a membership more affordable for our long-term members.