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bywebsquirrel, March 5, 2014
percha Iframe
Download link just leads to version for Joomla 1.7 and 2.5. Tried to install this plugin in Joomla 3.2 however. Did not work.
bywebsquirrel, March 5, 2014
MP Popup JQuery
blows off my site. Deinstalled this module and my site worked fine again.
bywebsquirrel, March 22, 2013
VTEM Booklet
There are not too many joomla extensions out there, that are able to generate booklets out of articles or images. So I was happy to find that one. It looks nice and does what it says - almost.

Let's look a the pros: it is easy to use and works like a charm.

The cons: though it is named 'booklet' and is made for creating booklets, the result is not a booklet as it is supposed to be. This extension puts "page 1" on that position where usually "page 2" is supposed to be: backside of cover page.

In other words: you end up with a booklet without the most important page, the cover page! The cover of that booklet generated by this extension is always same sort of ugly grey patterned style. All you can do (per default settings) is to write your title and copyright information on it).

So, if you need a booklet with your cover page really on cover, you have to do some css hacks. Doing this you might end up in troubles with SEO settings.

The next disappointing part is the poor support. It seems as they are not interested in fixing their extensions, they always start with default replys and working on customer site (as if it where an issue of customer only) instead of working on their products to make them perfectly usable.

I never had experienced such bad support on commercial products ever like on vtem products. It's a pity.
bywebsquirrel, March 14, 2013
This extension looks great and is full of nice features, which is typical for vtem products.
And it is bug-ridden, which is typical for vtem products, too.

I reported a bug by giving some screenshots. The only response that I got until today is typical default reply of vtem support. They seemed neither to read my reports properly nor to investigate the issue on their component nor to solve it.

VTEM gallery could be a 5-star-extension, but currently it earns only 3-stars in my eyes: first star minus because of bug, second star minus because of support that always starts troubleshooting on customer instead of investigating the extension precisely and because of putting customers off instead of replying to bug reports professionally.

This is not remarkable for a commercial product. I have already experienced a lot more commitment and user friendliness on support of many non-commercial products out there!
bywebsquirrel, February 12, 2013
Modal system messages
I do not understand why joomla system messages are that ugly. moreover I am happy hat I have found this little but great plugin! I like it. If it had more user friendly settings without the need of editing css stylesheet, I gave it 5 stars.
bywebsquirrel, November 28, 2012
FJ Related Articles Blog and List Component
description says: Did you ever want to put an article into two or more categories?

I say: yes! But it does not look as if this component is able to put an article into two or more categories. It's something different about article keywords an blog layout showing related articles.

This product does not what I expected. I am looking for a multiple articles solution. And that's why I was looking into this category: Multi categorization.
bywebsquirrel, June 3, 2012
3D Gallery
I installed and liked that module until I tried it on other browsers than Safari ... on FF it seems not to work properly. What a pity :(

Works perfect on Safari an Apple devices, but what about the rest?
Owner's reply

Hi websquirrel, thanks for your review I changed a little piece of code and now the module works better in Firefox and Chrome.

bywebsquirrel, July 5, 2011
nBill Lite
This extension is really good because it does everything what it promises: you get what is said in the description. And the support is really fast, patient and great! WOW.
bywebsquirrel, March 17, 2011
JoomLine mp3 player
The module does not run on windows! We tried it with all Browsers on Windows - no sound, no function. :(

Actually that module seems to run only on Apples OSX. It works fine on my iPhone, iPad, iMac, MacBook.

There is no support but a sleeping forum on facebook (last entry 3 months ago).