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bywebzdev, May 25, 2013
I had trouble with othe plugins to handle warp. This one just di the job perfectly. No conflicts also. CSS is combined and done the right way. I was thinking I am not going to need new extension for CSS/JS but this one deserves a try, after that you will love it.

Highly recommended !!
bywebzdev, November 10, 2010
Excellent plugin. It does what it is supposed to do.
I was even able quite easy to integrate it with the popular jDownloads component.

Just paste captcha HTML, in plugin's form tag and it is up and running.

It was like magic. THANK YOU very much!
bywebzdev, November 10, 2010
Thanks for the great component, it is working really wonderful.
I, like many others would like to have captcha enabled, well while in the support forum this was neglected, I found my own workaround and want to share it with the community here.

In my case I need a captcha for the upload section to stop bots driving traffic to my server.

Here is what I did:
ATTENTION advanced users only! Don't do it if you do not fully understand what is happening!!!

1. I found some 3th party plugin called OSOLCaptcha -> Install -> enable follow the instructions etc.
2. navigate to components/com_jdownloads/jdownloads.html.php
find line containing: " $form = 'triggerEvent('onShowOSOLCaptcha', array(false));
start line again " $form .='"
3. Go to your front-end page -> refresh -> Now you should see the captcha! WARNING IT IS NOT working yet.
4. Front-end page -> HTML Source Code -> Copy the captcha related HTML, it is wrapped within a div tag " ... "
5. Go back to jdownloads.html.php -> restore it like it was in original.
6. Again in jdownloads.html.php locate the " it to appear.
Remember that it has to be IN THIS form tag to work properly.
7. Enjoy!
By the time of this writing I am using jDownloads 1.7.5 and OSOLCaptcha 1.0.6!

This is a core hack and you must have this in mind when updating jDownloads.

I hope I've helped you all a little.