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bywedontbyte, September 17, 2014
Migrate Me Plus
I've been thinking of upgrading for some time but the prospect has always seemed very daunting.
This Joomla Extension works! You still have to upgrade all the old components, modules, plug-ins and templates, but it produces a working Joomla 3 environment in the Backend to enable you to do this.
I had problems mainly down to missing a module or plug-in, or not having the latest version, but any problems were very quickly sorted out by Barnaby.
Very highly recommended.
bywedontbyte, January 22, 2014
Mega Pop Up
Been looking for something to display announcements, etc. on the Home page and then came across this popup. Almost does just what I want (plus ability to include an article contents). On installation and testing I hit a couple of problems which were sorted and fixed within minutes via "Chat".
Would really recommend this module.
Owner's reply

thanks for your great reviews!!!

we are so happy to add value to your website and business....

all the best from the Valley!

bywedontbyte, October 23, 2013
CW Multicategories
I was duplicating articles and then forgetting to change all the copies when they needed updating. This extension gets round that problem by allowing one copy of an article to be shown in multiple categories.
The only thing you have to remember is that there is only one article and therefore there is only one Article Ordering number so if you rely on this to sequence your articles in the categories you will have to think carefully about what to number the article in its base category.
This didn't prove a great problem for me and I think the extension is a real must have!
Great support as well when needed.
bywedontbyte, April 28, 2013
I've researched a lot of Joomla Forums and tested a few of the non-commercial (one or two corrupted my test bed), and this has to be one of the best.
It worked straight away following installation (under Joomla 2.5) and I found it easy to configure.
When I wanted some help with the resizing of image thumbnails, I posted a query on the Kunena Forum and got a rapid answer which worked first time.
Great Job, great extension - highly recommended.
bywedontbyte, March 1, 2013
Lof ArticlesSlideShow
I've been searching for days to find an article slide show and this one does the job. So many don't seem to and I don't know how they produce their demos, but this one produces exactly what they demonstrate. I've also learned a lot about Joomla from it.
Thanks to the authors.
bywedontbyte, February 3, 2013
Klixo Articles slider
I've tried virtually every non-commercial article slider and I reckon this is the best!
I would highly recommend it.
bywedontbyte, October 1, 2012
sp accordion
I've spent a lot of time searching, installing and uninstalling Accordion Extensions and then I found this one. It worked first time, displays different categories on different selected pages and has several styles to choose from.

Highly recommended!
bywedontbyte, August 8, 2012
Flexi Contact Plus
I had this installed and working very quickly as a menu item and was delighted with the configurability. But I had bought it because of its plug-in capability and everything worked (with a fix from the developers) except the Captcha Images; unfortunately the developers couldn't get the selected image to be highlighted correctly otherwise I would have rated it as "excellent". However I must commend the developers for the effort they put in to try and get the Captcha working. But maybe the problem had something to do with the template, etc. I use.
Many thanks guys - using it from a menu item and it works excellently.
Owner's reply

I must say it's a little disappointing to get a four star review from a customer we couldn't quite satisfy, when we get no feedback at all from the hundreds of customers that we (presumably) did satisfy.

The Javascript that controls the captcha image highlighting is very simple and normally works perfectly. In this case we had to give up because the page in question has a dozen or more complex Javascripts (and the performance of a snail). There is, unfortunately, a limit to the amount of time we can spend on problems like this, and at the end of the day we can't be responsible for conflicts that may arise with over 9,000 third party extensions. The solution, as we told you, is to disable the various plugins one by one until you find the source of the conflict. Once we know that, we should be able to reproduce the problem and see if we can find a solution.

bywedontbyte, May 30, 2012
Akeeba Backup
A week or so ago I wrote a poor review (still awaiting approval!), but since then I've been working on Akeeba - reading the documentation, etc. and I'm really pleased to say that I've got a successful backup which I've restored to my PC (under XAMPP) using Kickstart.
The main problem I've had is that Akeeba won't back up my jpg image files or mp4 video files, so I've had to create a mirror image of their folders on my PC (by downloading by ftp) and then copying to those folders under XAMPP. The localhost version of my web site now works well.
I would have classed this product as excellent if the backup had included the image and video folders.
If you're happy to work with this Backup Extension then it does what it claims.
bywedontbyte, May 21, 2012
ARI Photo Gallery
I've been searching for a JQuery module to display my Photographic Society's images for some time and eventually came across this one.
At first sight this extension appeared as if it should do what I wanted but, in practice, it looked as if it was going to fail but Ari-Soft have been more than helpful and patient with me as I made request after request for what I thought would be changes but they kept supplying simple parameter changes until now I'm very pleased with it.
Very many thanks to Ari-Soft.
bywedontbyte, April 2, 2012
Very pleased with this module, it worked first time and makes the web site much easier to view than in "normal" mode.