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byweezernod, November 1, 2011
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Teamspeak 3 Web Viewer
I can't seem to get this to work no matter what I tried. I thought it was just the host but I have all of the correct data provided so I resorted to seeing if I could get it on a localhost to work.

Opened all the proper ports on my PC and checked very setting to verify they were correct and still could not get this module to work properly. Checked permissions on the /tmp for proper 777 rights. Changed the server settings numerous times and the plug in just does not work. I've spent 10 hours working on this on and off. I've given up.
Owner's reply

Dear weezernod,

We're sorry that you had such trouble getting our mod to work.
But, in this 10 hours, have you ever thought of contacting us?
Probably this would have spared you a lot of time and us a bad rating. ;-)

We'd still like to help you with your problem so please feel free
to visit our support forum at

Please open a new thread with the text you've written here and add the following information:
Server-IP, QueryPort, UDP Port, ServerID, Joomla Version and content from "query_ip_whitelist.txt"

We're sure there is a solution to your problem and we'd
appreciate it if you would give this mod a second chance.