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Ozio Gallery
Hi , judging from the look, I would give 4 stars as it has few errors. The look is stunning by the way, I must say WOOoowww.. :)

But really it does not suffice my basic need which I want interactive of comment and rating on the photos... not just view, and yours lack on this. Otherwise it would be perfect.
bywendry, March 11, 2010
Hi, I am looking for testimonial extension, I was thinking of using guest book, but then I found this great component.

What I like more is you support multiple language, this is exactly what I need. I want to make my web site in International Language as well as My own language and your component makes support that.

Nevertheless, I found some improvement that can be made regarding the component.

I found this error :

Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated in ... \JoomfishManager.class.php on line 217

Since I use joomfish, I don't know if this is because of joomfish or this component as my joomfish is the latest version and everything else works fine :).

Another area to improve are ability to filter bad words and emoticon support as well as better captcha. Then this will be the perfect component.

Great Job ;) I am donating small amount of money, sorry guys, I am no rich so I gave you amount that I can, though it is not comparable to your work. Thanks !!!
bywendry, February 24, 2010
Images Crawler
Hi, I'm kinda look around how to make my web site more alive. This is just what I need, Thanks !!

Just a suggestion though, it would be nice if we can control the speed to a slower speed, I feel it still too fast even with the lowest speed ;). Thanks Again !!