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bywendypaine, April 16, 2014
DM Articles Filter
I installed this component on a J3.2 site. Installation was easy, configuring straight-forward. This is a solution which looks great on the page. Simple for the visitor to get relevant results -- that obviously means it's had some proper planning & coding to make it work and look so neat & tidy. I asked for support and received prompt attention from Andrea with 100% satisfaction. Can be implemented as a menu item or within a module position, so very flexible. Very happy with this, good value.
bywendypaine, October 31, 2013
This could not be simpler -- instal, enable and save. Brilliant job guys. Thankyou.
bywendypaine, May 7, 2013
I've tried a number of sliders / accordions. Save yourself the stress & drama, this one had no conflicts and worked. Easy FAQ's and forum if you need more info. Such a simple implementation. Good work NoNumber, thankyou.
bywendypaine, June 27, 2012
I don't think there could be an easier way to safelly and quickly add your google analytics code. Totally hassle free -- thank-you for this free extension.
bywendypaine, May 7, 2012
My ShortList
This module is one of the neatest & easiest I've used for a joomla! website. Not only that, it delivers everything I need for visitors to build a 'favourites list' which is saved regardless of whether they are a logged-in member or casual site visitor. This makes it excellent value for the very affordable low-cost purchase price. It worked immediately. The parameters are straight-forward to understand. The styling is simple and tidy. This has added a really valuable tool to save my site-visitors time in re-looking for resources and articles of interest. Thankyou.
bywendypaine, February 7, 2012
DJ-Catalog 2
Great extension, simple to setup, displays in a neat, modern style. Not a lot of configuring required and works!! Backup support is spot-on, helpful and really quick.
It fit my needs perfectly for a catalog with a handful of categories each with a dozen products which needed a short description, 3-4 product photos (easy auto-resize of thumbnails). Can include tabs for 'Additional Info' and'Reviews' etc using the pagebreak function in your text editor. Spend a little time figuring out the possibilities and it couldn't be easier.
bywendypaine, March 2, 2011
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This was so simple, it worked straight up - took me no more than 5 minutes. I had only one issue and that was as mentioned in another review, I'd used a space in the title with result of a blank module. I picked up the clue on how to resolve from the reviews, not from the developer, a word on this on the developer website would make for even quicker installation. Thank you and congrats to developers for making such a handy module so easy to instal - for free! It really couldn't have been made easier.
bywendypaine, September 4, 2009
This is the first review I've felt prompted to write. I had to say how easy it was to instal and integrate Kunena Forum into my website. I'm using Community Builder (though not v1.2.1 which contains the Kunena/CB user profile settings compatibility). But regardless, it still synchronises and works perfectly with CB 1.2
It took me a couple of hours all up to set up & tweak to satisfaction and away you go. The control & configuration panel is straightforward and to the point. I've set up and managed/moderated a stand-alone phpbb forum before and in comparison, this is sooooo much easier. I have had no conflicts or errors with the installation or setup. I'm new to Joomla only having created 2 Joomla sites, so if I can do it, so can you. Thank you Kunena Forum developers - you have an excellent component, well done!